Villa Rabat - Moroccan Style Home

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2021 at 12:34 AM
Hello fellow Simmers!


I present to you a small Moroccan style home on a small lot, which I've named Villa Rabat after the capital city of Morocco.  The theme here is blue, green, light brown, and white for a cool and calming tone.  The home features a large front privacy gate which leads to the fountain courtyard that connects the home together under the Moroccan archways.  There are two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, and one full bathroom all on the first floor.  A tiled staircase leads you to the open-air second floor balconey above the courtyard.  Here your Sims can relax in the hot-tub, have a quiet tea meeting, enjoy the bubble hookah or have a paranormal seance!  Since the second floor is open for a breezy and relaxing feel, there are curtains adoring the stone arches for privacy from your neighbors and to keep the heat of the sun away during the hotter months.  A luxurious pool and patio area leads off from the courtyard, also complete with private dividers that add to the home's style and charm.  There is a small area to grill food there and play chess as well.  The master bedroom is comprised of the double bed, while the small bedroom has a single bed.  These can be changed to your liking and needs.  I made this home in traditional style of Morocco's architecture and I hope everyone will enjoy having their Sims live here!  Place the home in any town you desire on any 20x15 size lot.

As I do with all my builds, I made this lot with the moveObjects cheat on!