Zythia - Unpopulated Neighborhood [BG + NO CC]

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Uploaded: 24th May 2021 at 8:38 AM
Updated: 24th May 2021 at 6:25 PM
When I started this neighborhood I felt that many Sims 2 neighborhoods wouldn't make sense in the real world. I wanted to make a neighborhood that if it weren't for the Sims 2's graphics, one might think it were a real life small town. For this reason and a few others, my "Zanes Hallow" project was born. This neighborhood was to be the second step (the first was the terrains) in a major neighborhood building project. That was 8 years ago. I was going into my senior year of high school and was oh so naïve! I'm now a working professional with a college degree. Look, I'm embarrassed by how long this took; but we're here. Step 2 complete. Step 3 will probably never happen, but I hope this step was at least worth the sweat and tears I put into this thing.

Note: The photos of this neighborhood were taken from my laptop that runs UC. It does have mods including Gunmod's Radiance Lighting and Clean UI. Please know the neighborhood file you'll be downloading has only been run in the base game.


About This Neighborhood
This neighborhood contains 64 lots. 5 community lots and 59 residential lots spread among 5 unofficially named "neighborhoods" (this is a loose term).  All residential lots only contain what you would find in a newly purchased house (light fixtures, plumbing, and kitchen counters/appliances). There are 9 starter homes (under $20k). There are no characters in this neighborhood.

Once an important lumber town, this small historic town has began to attract interest from outsiders.. will these newcomers respect the small-town feel, or will they alter the community forever?

Recommended Mods
No mods or CC are required to play this neighborhood. This includes camera mods. However, I would recommend one that allows for paning to the edges of the neighborhood. I have one installed but I've had it for a decade or longer and have absolutely no idea where it came from, sorry.

Trim Inaccessible Bushes: Similar to how the Summerdream and Capp lots in Veronaville are technically playable without mods, if you want to keep the shrubs cut on a few of the lots in this neighborhood you'll want this!

Mortage Shrubs: Many of the lots are just over $20k, so I would recommend this for your CAS sims to have additional options in the real estate market.

Known Issues
1. At some point I turned my AnyGameStarter into the German language and it completely wonked out the community lot names and descriptions. After some finagling, running it in basegame looks fine for me. However, when I ran it up on my laptop with UC, the names and descriptions were swapped. I'm not sure when the ability to change lot names started, but hopefully it's available for whomever has this issue. Also, the names and descriptions MTS's "Archive Information" matches the original names and descriptions, so I don't know what's going on with it. If anyone runs the game in non-English and has run into this issue and knows the proper fix to this, please let me know!
2. Certain lots (like 291 Shawt Street, 271 Shawt Street, and 288 Shawt Street) show blank space between the lot edges and neighborhood terrain when you're in lot mode on a different lot. I have no idea the cause of this, and didn't notice it until I was taking pictures on my laptop since basegame doesn't show neighboring properties. So, if you're actually running basegame you don't have to worry about it! Otherwise, if anyone knows a fix to this please let me know! I tried picking up and placing the lots back down and it didn't fix the issue.

MTS User Jawusa who built:
169 Janie Way
323 Indunny Street
324 Rocky Street

MTS User triciamanly who built:
188 Wright Way
301 Two Street

Truly thanks to you two. The guilt that came from not uploading the work from these two was one of the only reasons that kept me going.

Obligatory thanks to EAxis and ModTheSims!