Barn Panel Walls ~ 4 Whimsical Designs with Maxis Match Crossbraced Wainscoting

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2021 at 5:49 PM
Four whimsical designs from artist Jacqueline Colley, for Milton & King.
I thought these wallpapers were soooo cute! I just had to find a way to use them.
But, the snippets of design that I had to work with just would not 'tile' *grrrr*
So, I combined the Maxis white wood CrossBracing with a denim texture to get these barn panels. I hope your simmies can find a way to decorate with them - maybe in a quirky cafe? Garden shop? Nursery?

Tea Time:
About the design:
"Tea Time Wallpaper is an intricate and playful wallpaper design illustrated by Jacqueline Colley. This design uses a turquoise and pink color palette and features macaroons, cake, milk and, of course, plenty of tea cups and tea pots. It celebrates the long history that spans from the orient to England of taking some time out of the day to sit and converse over your favorite brew of tea. Encapsulating fantastical Alice In Wonderland vibes, it is a perfect kitchen wallpaper and would also be fitting in a hip commercial setting as well."

About the design:
"Ceramics Wallpaper is a joyful take on the maximalist trend. This graphic wallpaper design by Jacqueline Colley demonstrates her love of collecting and illustrating objects. Staffordshire Pottery and earthy hues are combined to create a designer wallpaper that celebrates english eccentricities. It features urns, vases and statues of dogs, cats, lions, parrots and unicorns. For lovers of ceramic art, this funky wallpaper design pays homage with a sense of humor."

About the design:
"Match Books Wallpaper is a colorful retro wallpaper design by Jacqueline Colley. It’s nostalgic wallpaper featuring vintage matchbooks that makes you think of a diner on the roadside of Route 66 or an old smoke-filled casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. It’s a modern take on the Americana trend that will add color and joy to any room, perfect in commercial spaces like a cocktail bar or burger joint."

Seed Packets:
About the design:
"Seed Packets Wallpaper is a fun gardening graphic wallpaper design by Jacqueline Colley. Vintage graphics and pastel hues are combined with a dash of Warhol. It’s a perfect wallpaper for those who love gardening and growing their own organic food. Colorfully displayed are seeds of carrots, daisies, watermelon, green beans and tomatoes."

Find these walls in the Panels category for $7 each. A swatch is included in the download file.