Italian Rowhouses Super Set - 5 NO CC Apartments!

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Uploaded: 24th May 2021 at 10:07 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2021 at 11:18 AM
Hi! Today I'm uploading a BIG SET OF APARTMENTS based on rowhouses from the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy. As just said, these apartments are rowhouses and can be placed next to each other to create rows! 
The architectural structure and interior design is typical of Italian urban houses built in the second half of the 20th century ('60s, '70s, '80s...). The atmosphere is not necessarily Italian, though: other European countries have similar buildings in cities. You can have fun creating your European dream city with these rowhouses! 

The apartments have alphabetical names so they're easy to distinguish. Rowhouse Amore, Bellezza and Dolcetto are available as middle row pieces, leftends and rightends (I mean that you can place them on the edge of a row to end it without having unrealistic walls sticking outside).
As always, I had a ton of fun building these lots! I took walks to get inspiration and used Google Maps to recreate realistic houses from the Italian city of Turin. I really hope that you enjoy what I created and can find ways to use these houses in your game. I'm working on more lots with this same vibe to upload in the future, so if you like this style and want to populate a whole neighborhood with these kind of lots I got you covered! :D

I will now go into more detail and illustrate the lots one by one!

ROWHOUSE AMORE (includes leftend and rightend)
Rowhouse Amore is your typical urban Italian rowhouse! Whitewashed walls, terracotta tiles, old wooden furnitures, ornaments and vases cluttering every corner... The apartment on the ground floor has a serious problem with mold and humidity! If your sim is struggling with finance, this may be the best option for them to spare money on the rent. The second floor apartment is intended for a single young adult, fresh out of college. The other two apartments are well furnished, intended for middle-class couples and elders.


ROWHOUSE BELLEZZA (includes leftend and rightend)
Rowhouse Bellezza is the right choice for sims who love gardening and fresh fruits! The backyard features a greenhouse with two fruit trees and each apartment has a juicer so that sims can get the best out of the garden. 
Three of the four apartments are furnished in typical Italian style: whitewashed walls, terracotta tiled floors, old wooden furniture. One of the apartments on the first floor is darker and has modern furnishing, with exotic ornaments and paintings: I envisioned it for secret supernatural sims (a werewolf maybe?) or simply sims who enjoy a more modern interior style!
The apartments on the first floor have fake washing machines! They are actually dish-washing machines :D It's the first time that I try this experiment. If your sim shows strange behaviour, such as cleaning the dishes in the bathroom, just delete the fake washing machine and place something nice in its spot.
Rowhouse Bellezza is the only lot with two levels: the other apartments have four. If you place Rowhouse Bellezza near the other apartments, remember to delete the unnecessary walls sticking out from the nearby lots before you move sims in! I will upload other rowhouses with two levels, so don't worry. 


Rowhouse Colore has an interesting and unique appearance with its green tiled balconies and elegant entrance hall. It also has an elevator to travel between floors! In the backyard there's a small but colorful garden. The three apartments have peculiar and colorful furnishing! The first floor apartment is mainly white and has old wooden furniture; it's intended for an elder seamstress. The middle apartment is mainly red and brown and is well furnished; it features a small living room with a TV and a record player. The last apartment is mainly green and has exotic and tropical furniture and decorations: it's perfect for a traveller who loves tropical cultures and animals! 


ROWHOUSE DOLCETTO (includes leftend and rightend)
Rowhouse Dolcetto is the most affordable condominium in this bundle; the apartments feature lightwood furniture and simple, functional appliances. The apartments on the ground and first floor have moist walls which may be whitewashed if your sims can afford to. The apartment on the second floor has a pink nursery and is intended for single parents who don't want to spend too much. The apartment on the third floor is the one with the best quality of the building and is the only one with space for a double bed. In the backyard there's a grill and some tables and chairs for summer parties!


ROWHOUSE ELEGANZA (based on Turin's centre houses)
With his opulent interiors and beautiful back garden, Rowhouse Eleganza is the most elegant and expensive of these buildings. The entrance hall has marble walls and stone floors, antique statues and wall mirrors. The three apartments are very different: the first floor apartment revolves around the color green and is perfect for a rich couple; the second floor apartment features impressive bookcases and furniture, an opulent bathroom and blue walls; the apartment on the last floor is simpler and more modern and is intended for young adults and students.