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Cristal Office Set - New meshes

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2021 at 3:55 PM
In 2010 I designed this office furniture set. I saw the table in a luxury furniture shop and fell in love, then I saw a commercial for the computer Apple had just launched and decided I wanted both in my set. Today I bring it to you, updated and re-colored, 11 years later!

Consists of 3 objects, fully functional with AL.

A desk in glass and metal structure in two colors.
Polys: Sides: 450, Vertices: 558.

Metal shelf with glass shelves.
Polys: Sides: 452. Vertices: 606.

Mac Pro 2010 Apple. Specially designed to be placed on the pack table.
Polys: Sides: 1340. Vertices: 1290.

All are very economically priced:

Mac Pro: $1
Table: 1 $ 1
Shelf: 0 $ (always free)

Including the collection icon.

I hope you enjoy as I have done all this time!