Riad Tangier - Moroccan Riad Style Mansion

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Uploaded: 28th May 2021 at 4:13 AM
Greetings! This is Riad Tangier. A Moroccan style mansion built in traditonal riad architectural style, with Moorish stone designs. Named after the port city of Tangier, Morocco, this lovely and luxurious abode in made almost entirely of black and white tiles and stone. Its primary feature is the large and spacious courtyard with an open-air enclousure, complete with a tiled fountain built in the center. Surrounded by the lanterns, this area of the home is gorgeous and serene at night with the romantic glow of candle flames. Your Sims will truly be in the lap of luxury and happiness living in Riad Tangier! The lot has two large bedrooms of equal size, and two large bathrooms. The kitchen features plenty of counter space and a full seating area along the wall so you won't even have to leave the room to enjoy your meals. The large L-shaped living room is ideal for a quiet night inside where your Sims can relax with movies, music and books. Or have a bubbly time with the hookah style bubble blower. There is a balcony that wraps around the second floor of the home, the primary living space, and connects each of the rooms together with smaller hallways. There are two seperate staircases that lead up from the courtyard area below.

My inspiration for this build was the white sandy beaches of Tangier, Morocco and my love of black and white. Typcially, Moroccan architecture is very colorful, and rarely features the color black. I wanted something different that could stand out and be unique among my neighborhood skyline, and bring the beautiful views of one of my favorite architectural styles. The tiles of the Courtyard Oasis Kit don't have many swatches for black and white, so I chose a custom wall design for this home that also completes the theme without changing the style. I think my favorite part of this build is the courtyard, which I find to be the most beautiful part. I also felt the Mughal style domes and towers really added to the style of the building as a whole. I fitted them with light fixtures to glow at night. I hope everyone enjoys this, and be sure to watch for my future builds!