Italian Rowhouse Ingegno - NO CC

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2021 at 1:24 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2021 at 2:04 PM
Good morning! Today I'm uploading yet another apartment lot based on real architectures from the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy!
This lot is a rowhouse and must be placed next to other rowhouses to create rows. It's available only as a normal row piece (if you want to place it at the end of a row of rowhouses, you will need to do some editing).

This lot includes eight apartments with very distinct furnishing styles! As you will find out, the color blue is a recurring theme.
Now I'll give you a tour around!

The two apartments on the last floor are both very modern and futuristic. They would be perfect for scientists or techs. The apartment on the right is more expensive and includes items for cats.

The left apartment of the third floor features a groovy bedroom and retro-futuristic living room! The sim who lives here surely has a big passion for painting, as the house features multiple easels and the walls are decorated with many strong pops of colour. There's also space for a dog in this apartment!

The right apartment of the third floor has a more traditional look. With its parqueted bedroom floor and wood ceilings, this apartment features a balanced mix of browns and blues.

The left apartment of the second floor would be perfect for a knowledge sim. Its look is classy but still modest, with wooden furniture and ceilings. There are also items for dogs.

The right apartment of the second floor is the cheapest in the whole building. It features light wooden furniture and very simple furnishing, for sims who can't afford much.

The left apartment of the first floor distinguishes itself from the others with its flowery wallpapers and warm colours. It's furnished in a traditional, old looking style and features a bedroom and a pink nursery. This apartment is intended for a feminine sim whose main passions are sewing and gardening.

The right apartment of the first floor is perfect for a young, nerdy scientist who wants to meet aliens. Maybe the building rooftop could be the place for this intergalactical meeting? The apartment also features a tinkering room where your sim can work on crafting robotic devices!