5 Rock Walls - with Maxis Matching Trim (Wainscoting and Quinoing)

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Uploaded: 12th Jun 2021 at 4:37 PM
Updated: 12th Jun 2021 at 7:31 PM
I have no idea where these stone textures came from ~ they have been kickin' around in my 'projects' folder for many years... I have adjusted them so they tile perfectly every which way; so they work seamlessly on multi-story buildings. .

The 5 Rock Textures are:
Blue Rubble Stone, Creek Rock, River Rock, Fieldstone 1, and Fieldstone 2.

- I combined these Rock textures with two "indoor" type wainscotings: Dincer Hepguler's Clubwall (used with permission - Thank you, Dincer!) and Maxis' IKEA White Birch. Wainscoted Walls are found in Masonry for $9

- I made three of the Rock Walls: Fieldstone 1, Fieldstone 2, and Creek Rock - with Maxis' MG "Empire" edging. They are found in Masonry for $12.

- And each of the five rock walls has a complete set of Maxis' Quinoing treatment (each are sets of 14 walls,) and are found in Masonry for $13.

Below are examples of each style:

Please scroll through all the pictures at the top to see everything. The 5th Rock texture, River Rock, is only shown in the extra pictures. I hope you find something you like!

This is a massive set So, I broke it into separate downloads. Everything is clearly named and numbered, and swatches are included in each download file.

Plain Rock walls are included in each set for $12. (So, if you download ALL of the sets, the duplicate 'Plain Wall' files will want to overwrite themselves. Let them.)

All my walls are Mac friendly.

PSST: Add your own moulding with my Wallpaper Overlays - These overlays let you add whatever moulding you want to your walls.