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Skilled Homework for Teens and Children Mod (TS4)

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2021 at 10:19 PM
Updated: 28th Dec 2023 at 5:09 AM
Update 12/27/2023: Updated for patch 1.103!
Update 08/18/2023: Now works correctly, sorry about that!
Update 07/30/2023: Added new skills from Horse Ranch and some missed skills from other packs. Yay! Also changed the requirement from the xml injector to lot51's core mod which has so much more to offer. More yay! Added new interactions to the Asp+Wants Addon package too! Please redownload!
Update 07/19/2023: Updated for patch 1.99 and added missing skills of Juice Fizzing, Dog Training, and Veterinarian! Also fixed the wants file for the new patch too.
Update 08/13/2022: Updated to include new skills AND remade the Mental addon to allow teens and children to be able to complete wants and aspirations using my skilled homework! Unzip the file and put the pkgs in your mods folder!
Update 07/29/2022: Updated for patch 1.90! REMOVE WHIMS FILE as it is obsolete. Both the main file and the Mental Addon needed updates, so please redownload! ALSO REDOWNLOAD XML INJECTOR!
Update 06/24/2022: Added two new addons! The first one is called WHIMS and adds those homework whims back to the mod, and the second one is called Mental Homework Addon, where sim children can now complete the Whiz Kid Aspiration using my homework.
Update 06/16/2022: Updated for patch 1.89! Plus cleaned up some code.

New Required download:
Lot51's Core Mod->Click the Download at Hyper Speed button!

Note: The XML Injector v4 is required for this to work!->NO LONGER NEEDED!

So I had this idea a while back, where you know when sims are in Uni, they gain skills from their homework? Well, why can’t younger sims gain skills too? I thought what the heck, I will try and make the mod. I made this mod quite a while ago and just got around to sharing it here at MTS it was on my Tumblr first!

The teen version says “Study ‘Skill Name’”, whereas the child version says “Practice ‘Skill Name’ Skill”. So whatever skill you want to learn, just select it!

This has all the skills from base game up to the last pack as of May 2021. If there are any new skills from new packs, I will be adding them! You can use this mod with the base game or any EP!

If you want me to add other skills, such as hidden ones that are not already added, let me know and I will!

Note: The XML Injector v4 is required for this to work!->NO LONGER NEEDED!

Lot51's core mod