Two New Windows to go with the Art Nouveaulicious Window and Doors

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021 at 11:04 PM
Updated: 22nd Jun 2021 at 4:37 AM
Y'all didn't think I'd just end my time with the Art Nouveaulicious set with only the overrides, did y'all?

Today, I bring to you two new additions: a prim little privacy window and a cordial two-tile counter-height window!

As I mentioned in the Overrides upload, I needed Art Nouveau build-mode items to properly renovate a mansion in my hood, and given that there was only the one window from the Maxis set, I realized I needed more to realize my aspirations. After considering what specific windows I might need, I got to work, and these two are the first ones I came up with (I am working on others).

I hope y'all like these, and can find many good uses for them ^^.

What You Get
Contained in the archive is the privacy window and the two-tile counter-height window, both repositoried to the two-tile window from the Overrides upload, found here:

This is the privacy window, a single-tile window that sits high up on the wall, and

the two-tile counter-height window, perfect for placing anywhere you need more light and a window that won't bleed into the top of a counter!

Recolor Information
Since these two windows are slaved to the window from my previous upload, all the recolors I made for the glass will show up for these, too! (as seen in the pictures). If you want to make your own glass recolors, just use the single-tile door from said upload in SimPE and choose "Recolor"; if you want to make frame recolors, use the window from the Overrides upload.

Poly Count
Due to the ornate nature of the original window, these two windows are a little high, but not so horrid that you can't have as many as you need (though it might affect older computers, hopefully not!)

The privacy window comes in at 1240 polys and the counter-height window comes in at 1718 polys (for reference the original window is 1716; there's extra glass in the counter-height).

Meshes Used
The privacy window was cloned from a base-game privacy window, but the counter-height comes from the two-tile template made by Marylou, found here:

(You do NOT need Marylou's mesh for the window to work, it's just the template I used)

Catalog Information
Both windows can be found in the Windows section of the catalog (depending on your downloads, the privacy window could show up right at the beginning!), and cost $25 and $200 simoleons, respectfully.

I would like to thank Mod the Sims for having so much information in one place when I needed it, the object creation tutorial written by JWoods and Lethe_S (Blender), the custom window tutorial written by Ignorant Bliss, the creators of Blender, the creators of GIMP, EA/Maxis for making the set and the game, and most importantly, God.