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ManCave Wallpaper: Vintage Advertising Posters with Curiona Wainscoting

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021 at 4:58 PM
Happy Daddy's Day 2021!

The wallpapers from this set are all from Milton & King; with Shasta's Curiona Wainscoting.

They are all found in Wallpaper for $8.
All my walls are Mac friendly.

Ale House:
About the design:
"There is nothing that quenches the thirst like an ice cold beer. Relax in an environment that suits you with the Alehouse beer themed wallpaper. This vintage wallpaper features classic advertisements from various regions of the globe to display just how universal the love for an ice cold beer at the end of the day is. This beer wallpaper is often used in English themed bars, clubs and man caves."

Caribbean Water:
About the design:
"The Caribbean Water design features several vintage rum advertisements from the gorgeous islands of the Caribbean. This unique bar wallpaper is ideal for either commercial or residential use. Jazz up your small business with this Colorful wallpaper or liven up an area in your home that you use for entertaining with unique vintage designs."

About the design:
"Immortalise one of the greatest races of all time, the Monaco Grand Prix, with this vintage car wallpaper. Classic advertisement style pictures of cars featured in this race help to capture this historical moment in time, the perfect wallpaper for decorating your bar, business or man cave."

Implausible Adventures:
About the design:
"Compelling stories interstellar warfare and invasion, alien creatures from the deep corners of our universe and beyond! This humorous homage to science fiction can bring your home or business to life. This vintage comic book wallpaper is the perfect for your local comic book store or teenager’s bedroom."

And, Wanderlust:
(Picture included above) About the design:
"Decorate your home by displaying your love of the world with this unique travel wallpaper. This design displays a variety of desirable locations through vintage style advertisements and posters. Perfect for a independent travel agency or hostel."