Stylish Food Mats

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Uploaded: 25th Jun 2021 at 5:57 AM
Updated: 24th Jun 2021 at 9:50 PM
This is a set of four sets of pet food mats for your sims furry little friends.

1. Kitty Kat Food Mat
The perfect set of food mats for your kittens to make sure all the dogs know which bowl DOESN'T belong to them. Show off your love of cats with these cute mats
~ 13 swatches

2. Hexagon Food Mat
The perfect hexagon patterned pastel food mats for your cat or dog. What's even better? The hexagons have stripes!
~ 5 swatches

3. Marble Food Mat
Combining the luxurious look of marble with the light weight material of plastic makes this the perfect mat for your pampered pet.
~ 7 swatches

4. Stylish Food Mats
A set of food mats with stylish and aesthetic patterns. Don't give up your style for your pet. With these mats, both of you can be happy.
~ 10 swatches

You can download the files for each set separately or download the merged folder for all the files at once.

Note!: These are not the same as the mats posted under the same name on tumblr. I have changed the blacks to a dark grey to meet MTS guidelines. If you use my mats in a build and link to the cc, you MUST use the files from the site you got them from! Do not use MTS as an alternate download for the tumblr ones or vice versa. They have the same name but they are separate files and will act as such in game.