Special Occasion Dishes

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2021 at 12:59 PM
This plate set will add some pizazz to your party or other special occasions. Most are aimed at particular events but are still generic enough to work for others.

The baby elephant could be used for a baby shower or first birthday.
The dove plate came from the wedding section but would also work for an anniversary or engagement party.
The star plate was made with both Australia day and American fourth of July in mind but would also work for any other country with a blue, white and red flag or even a birthday.
The striped birthday plate could also work for a carnival or festival.
The sports plate was made for the games sports party but would also work for a birthday.
The Christmas plate has holy around the edge but could possibly be used for a dinner party.
The graduation plate is really the only plate that I can't think of another use for, except a graduation party.

They were made with the plates mainly in mind, but of course the bowls recolour as well. The graduation and elephant bowls don't work quite as well with the design as the rest.

The files zzzBowl-Color-Choice.package and the zzzPlate-Color-Choice.package from omglo's dish mod to work.
I recoloured the Dish-TexturePack.package. To use my recolours simply remove the Texture file that comes in the mod and replace it with my recoloured texture file.
You can't have two texture files installed at the same time. If at any time you want to go back to omglo's plain recolours switch the texture file back to theirs.

To use
Place one stack of control plates and bowls on your lot.
Have your sim pick the plate and bowl pattern that you want.
You can have the plate and bowl match or mismatch. The plate or bowl grabbed by the sim will reflect whatever you have set the control plate and bowl to be.
If you want to change what plates or dishes they eat off just have your sim pick a new pattern on the control plates or bowls.

*This does not alter the serving plate/bowl. Please read over the description on Omglo's mod for more details.

These were sourced from party shops and are paper or plastic plates so some have paper type creases on the edges and the quality is lower.