Courtyard Oasis wallpaper recolors - part 1

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2021 at 3:00 PM
Updated: 12th Jul 2021 at 5:18 AM
I got Courtyard Oasis immediately after it came out, and I love it. I love the wallpaper patterns, and because I've long been thinking there is a dearth of purple or pink tiles in the game that I like (or CC that I like in those colors), I decided to make some recolors of the wallpapers that came with this kit.

I've also brightened up the colors, making them less dingy and gray. As I feel that neutrals can be used in more situations, I removed the mustard yellow top part, and replaced it with a more neutral tan.

The wallpaper sets in the game are named Saffron Blossom. This set of swatches has been named Amber Blossom 1.
It is located under Walls => Tile, for $2 per square. Each swatch can also be found by sorting the appropriate colors in the catalog.

This is the first set of a dozen or so wallpapers that I've recolored from this kit. Some of others have more color variety in them; I wanted to focus on purple in the first few sets, because it's the color I like best, and I'm not happy with what's in the game. So if you are more partial to other colors, you might prefer some of the later wallpaper sets that I plan to upload.

The Courtyard Oasis kit is required for this!

GIMP, because it's an image editing software that one can actually afford.
Sims4Studio, because without it, I couldn't even begin making recolors or mods.
Maxis, for making a kit that I was actually interested in.