Theater of modern drama (open theater and film studio rabbit holes)

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Uploaded 23rd Jul 2021 at 2:14 PM · Updated 20th Jul 2021 at 11:30 AM by Someone from Ukraine

This lot was created to replace the standard theater and film studio with an open rabbit hole, compatible with Zerbu career mod, and requires Raven Shadow's rabbit hole doors (if you don't install them, nothing bad will happen - the game will simply replace these objects and the lot will be a regular Private venue) + many items from Store were used.
Lot size 40 x 30
Lot price (furnished) 250472
Lot price (unfurnished) 52626
Lot tipe private venue
Built on game version 1.69

In general, our Theater has everything you need to build a successful career in music and movie, or just to have a good time watching a show or a concert, dancing to the DJ music, singing karaoke, watching a movie on the big screen or playing arcades. We hope that this lot will become your favorite place to work or relax!

Store used
(Can I give you some advice? There is a mod that allows your sims, instead of spending their working time in rabbit holes, to stay on the lot and increase their productivity by doing work-related interactions: Actually, this lot was built for this mod and can be safely used to play with it. + I suggest you look at this mod: By default, a rabbit hole would replace any blue lot type marker with only a rabbit hole red tag, and this mod makes blue lot type markers visible alongside the red rabbit hole tags)