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Yaxkin Tower - Art Deco and Mayan Revival Style Apartment Building

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2021 at 2:54 AM
Updated: 12th Jul 2021 at 7:54 AM
Greetings! This lot contains one item of CC so please see the link below!

A little something from my personal gameplay that I've decided to upload here. This is Yaxkin Tower (pronounced Yash-kin) an Art Deco apartment building designed in Mayan Revival architecture. Built in 1930 in my Sims world, the Yaxkin Tower is known for miles around for its decorative facade and beautiful Mayan carvings built into the stone and terracotta of the structure. Over the years, more moden appliances have been added to the apartments as the building was maintained for residents. The building has since been placed into the Sim City List of Historial Places for protection. It is now a landmark tower attraction.

The building has eight apartments for single Sims. Most of them are studio style apartments, and some are one bedrooms with balconies to overlook the city. Each apartment has everything a Sim will need for basic living or a starter living space. The lobby floor contains rooms for recreation and relaxation. A library, two game rooms, and a hot tub room with a bar. Each of these rooms are for all residents to use, as well as guests.

The crown of the building is adorned with several lighting fixtures for glowing beauty at night just as most buildings of this style have. The crown itself is designed in reference of the ancient Mayan pyramids. Art Deco architecture is among some of my favorite building styles, and the Mayan Revivial sub-style of architecture is fairly rare in the modern world. It was uncommon even in the days of Art Deco, making it special in that way. Very few buildings exist in today's world with this style, and I wanted to add it to my own gameplay. The Art Deco giant towers of the past have always captured my heart. Ideally, I would have made the tower much taller without the game's restrictions. I used platforms for the crown of the building to get the look I wanted. I hope you all will enjoy me sharing my creation with you, and I may upload more large structures such as this one in the future.

Turn on the moveObjects cheat before placing the lot to avoid any issues!

As always, please do NOT upload my creations anywhere else without my permission! Have a good day.