SHT Floor Lamps Fully Recolorable - DR

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Uploaded 22nd Jul 2021 at 6:06 PM

Showtime comes with some pretty nice midcentury-modern lamps, except that the actual light part is blindingly white and non-recolorable. Why? Who knows, eaxis' minds work in mysterious and often baffling ways.

This is a simple Default Replacement that gets rid of the overlay and enables a 3rd channel for all 3 lamps. The specular is also fixed accordingly. I've kept the original presets exactly the same (yes, even the questionable ones), so save for the new channel everything else looks like before.

Requires Showtime. Will conflict with anything that also modifies the texture resources of LightingFloorMidCPopCubes, LightingFloorMidCPopRotation and LightingFloorMidCPopCircles2x1.