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Bug Life Mod: All Bugged Out

26,210 Downloads 441 Thanks  Thanks 176 Favourited 70,567 Views
Uploaded: 29th Jul 2021 at 3:06 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2023 at 11:02 PM
This mod is Base Game Compatible. Enhanced with Outdoor Retreat, Seasons and Eco Lifestyle. Tested up to 1.90

The Bug Life Mod brings your gardens to life. You’ll no longer need to place a debug spawner again.

Depending on the region, weather, eco conditions, and time of day, your lot will bustle and buzz with bugs. Maybe you Like bugs, and have no problem swatting them away, but if you get bugged out, just call Pest Control. Don’s Dead Bug will dispatch a friendly exterminator to remove any pests around your lot and perform preventative spraying to keep them at bay. They’ll even take care of those nasty flies around your crops.

Don's Dead Bug Exterminator uniforms tailored by Menaceman44

  • Bugs: This mod automatically spawns insects introduced with Outdoor Retreat like ants, ladybugs, bees and locusts around any lot your Sim travels to.

    It will also spawn the new pond effects introduced in the Cottage Living patch including mosquitos, dragonflies, and fireflies, however due to their footprint they are currently not directly interactable or collectable like the Retreat insects.

    Sims will autonomously react to bugs depending on their preference and proximity to them. Sims without a preference will not have any specific effects to keep those features opt-in.
  • Attractors: Bugs tend to stick around plants, ponds, picnic areas, trash, and smelly gifts from your pets - but like real life they may appear in random spots too. They will only appear within the active lot’s bounds.
  • Repellents: Put that Citronella candle from Backyard Stuff to use! Bugs will avoid areas with incense, candles, and fire.
  • Preferences: Sims who Dislike bugs will get uncomfortable if they hear noisy bugs and will have a hard time staying near them if they can see them. Sims who Like bugs can be inspired by the buzzz of nature and have no problem swatting away insects for others.
  • Introducing the Exterminator NPC! For a flat fee, your Sims can rid their lot of bugs by calling Pest Control. Don’s Dead Bug will remove any bugs from your lot and perform preventative spraying to keep the bugs away for about a week. They’ll also take care of your crops that are infested.
  • Bug Free Lot Trait: You can opt any lot out of the bug system by adding the Bug Free Zone lot trait. Bugs will automatically be disabled for apartments and while visiting Sixam, Magic Realm, Batuu, and the Acting Studio.
  • Cats and Dogs: Your pets will interact autonomously with bugs depending on their traits, or you can instruct them to chase bugs away if you use a pet control mod.
  • Toddlers don’t care how many eyes or legs you have, they’ll talk to you anyway!
  • Collecting: If you have Outdoor Retreat, all bugs will be collectable like those in Granite Falls.

  • v2.2 (2022-08-08)
    • Added Simplified & Traditional Chinese translations by Konansock
    • Added Italian translations by xISYx
    • Luna Moths will now only appear under the Full Moon, and will now spawn in Moonwood Mill.
    • Added additional insect attractors from Cottage Living EP, and Werewolves GP. Also added attractors for the PlumbBros mod.
  • v2.1.1 (2021-11-2)
    • Confirmed compatibility with 1.81.72
    • Added French translations thanks to Pauline & Kimi
    • Finally fixed the Exterminator outfits not spawning correctly! They will now be assigned specific boots to wear to prevent any inappropriate shoes as well. If your save already has an Exterminator and shows up in the wrong shoes, you will either need to edit their outfit in CAS, or Fire them so a new Sim can be assigned with the correct outfit.
  • v2.1 (2021-10-31)
    • [MAJOR FIX] There was a major issue with Preferences causing an issue with Sim Profiles after learning about another Sim’s preference for Bugs. Unfortunately this issue involves the ID of the traits and will completely reset every Sim’s preference for Bugs. All knowledge of this preference between Sims will also be lost.
    • Added Spanish translations by Jeystiv
    • Added Portuguese translations by Vagazumbe
    • Ladybugs can now be Stomped like other crawling bugs, but they’re not hurting anyone anyway ????
    • Updated scripts to prevent issues with EA code deprecations in the future
    • Exterminators can now be scheduled on Saturday
    • Exterminator outfits are now assigned to their career and should prevent any outfit flashes when they spawn on the lot.
  • v2 (2021-08-06)
    • With the influx of new business, Don was able to have custom uniforms made for each and every employee! You'll now see your local Professional Exterminator in a uniform tailored by Menaceman44
    • Fixed an issue causing the client's preferences panel to break while playing the Dream Home Decorator career. Special thanks to TURBODRIVER for their help.
  • v1d (2021-07-31)
    • Repackaged mod assets to try to fix string localization issues
    • Repackaged preference flyaway icons to try to fix missing icon issues

  • This mod does not unlock items in Build/Buy so feel free to use other mods like the unlocked spawners by Bakie or Menaceman44.
  • Outdoor Retreat is required to collect insects, otherwise the interaction just provides a visual effect.
  • The default spawners from B/B, debug, and in Granite Falls will not include the custom interactions, proximity effects, or be sprayed by Pest Control.

Bug Watching Guide:

  • French by Pauline & Kimi
  • Spanish by Jeystiv
  • Portuguese by Vagazumbe

  • bugs.spawn
    • Spawns a bug following chance and tests. Can be used to spawn more bugs than autonomy does by the interval.
  • bugs.remove
    • Removes all insect objects from the lot
  • bugs.stop
    • Stops the Insect Service from spawning more bugs on the lot
  • bugs.start
    • Restarts the Insect Service if it has been stopped.
  • bugs.get_level
    • Displays the current extermination level. Bugs will start spawning below 0. The lot is considered exterminated above 90. The lot default is 0.
  • bugs.set_level 100
    • Set the extermination level between -1 and 100.

  • This mod is completely tunable. Open up the package in S4Studio and look for the snippet using instance ID: A991A569FF7557F5
  • Please tune for personal use only, do not release tuned versions as your own.
Tuned Settings:
  • Max Spawned Autonomously at One Time: 4
  • Spawn Interval: Random between 10min and 45min
  • Global Chance of Spawn each Interval: 70%
  • Random Placement Chance: 25%
  • Repellent Radius: 3
  • Attractors and Repellents defined by object Tags
  • Insect Definitions: An object definition ID paired with a set of tests and chance.