PL Translation - Zero's Hormone Replacement Therapy Mod

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Uploaded 13th Aug 2021 at 11:56 PM · Updated 7th Aug 2021 at 5:33 PM by rhevv

<p>This is a Polish translation of Zer0's <b>Hormone Replacement Therapy</b> mod. The mod allows your transgender Sims to start hormonal gender transition. Once you get the diagnosis, you can purchase hormones from the computer. Applying the hormones daily will influence your Sim's overall mood, their emotions, as well as the way their bodies function and change. My translation will change all the mod's strings in your game to Polish.</p>

<bsalert><h4 style=color:#e64968> Keep in mind that the file shared here is <u>only</u> the Polish translation of the mod!
You can download the mod itself at the <>mod creator's site</url> </h4></bsalert>

<h4>If you'd like, you can find the <>author's mod description translated into Polish as well here!</url></h4>

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