Hout Huis - Part 1 (Master Bedroom)

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2021 at 11:35 PM
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Hello everyone.

This is Hout-Huis Part 1

This is a multi part set - (Hout-Huis Master Bedroom)
A Very modern Bedroom set for the sims 4.

The word(s) - Hout-Huis - means Wood House in my native Language (Afrikaans).

If u want to find the set easily in Build-Buy just use the search box and type in - Cicada or Hout-Bedroom or 512.
Type in search Hout-Huis for the entire Hout Huis set.
U can type in 512 as an extra if u cant remember the spelling.

How The Chair Function
Slotable legs to Chair
I Made it like this for all the wood swatches to match any style so that there is not a billion swatches

How The Bed Frame Curtains Function
Slotable Curtains to frame
Curtains can move around on the beams for more freedom
Use Cheat bb.moveobjects on before placing

Wood walls and floors not included - They will come in a later set that is part of the Hout-Huis set

...This set includes...

(Bed-Base Patterns)
(Bed-Base Solids)
(Bed-Frame - Curtain)
(Bedside Table)
(Chair - Legs)
(Chair Patterns - Separate)
(Chair Solids - Separate)
(Dresser) (5 Swatches)
(Lamp) (4 Swatches)
(Mattress Patterns)
(Mattress Solids)
(Painting Medium)
(Plant For Pot)
(Plant Pot)
(Room Divider 3-Wall)
(Room Divider 4-Wall)
(Room Divider 5-Wall)
(Wall Mirror)

i Really hope u love this Master Bedroom as much as i love it and i hope you enjoy it.

Remember i am Cicada...
Play safe...