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Laurenbell's Recipe Book (Custom Recipes - Food Enabler Mod) UPDATED October 2023

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2021 at 6:07 AM
Updated: 12th Nov 2023 at 8:12 PM
Laurenbell’s Recipe Book/ Food Enabler Mod:

This is a mod/tuning for my custom recipes – I originally used and uploaded them with Leniad’s/Andrew’s Food Enabler mod from Sims4Studio.com, but it was not being updated anymore so I decided to try and make a mod to use my custom recipes without it. It is called “Laurenbell’s Recipe Book” – and it is a food enabler/custom menu mod.

This mod was inspired by RobinKLocksley/Littlbowbub's previous "food enabler" mods – so thank you to them for the ideas. I tuned this mod myself – it is a cookbook, and it is designed and tuned so you can click on it and see a pie menu – there are now eight custom food menu options.


-If you do not have my custom recipes downloaded in your mod folder from this site – they will not show up in the custom menu options. I have recipes already on the site – and will continue to make more and upload them

-You also need to have the required skills to bake or cook the items, or it will not show up in the pie menu

-You can find the “Laurenbell’s Recipe Book” in the build/buy mode – in the “Appliances, Miscellaneous” section – and the “Decorative” section.

UPDATE For July 2022:

-I have changed the food menus around a little bit - for example, the "Laurenbell's Cakes" is now "Laurenbell's Cakes and Cupcakes" - that menu will hold all of the custom cakes and cupcakes

-Secondly, I have added a new section to the pie menu "Foreign Cuisines" - a section inspired by Mediterranean foods such as: French, Italian, Greek Foods, etc., as well as TexMex food, Japanese, Chinese, and many more types


1. Laurenbell Desserts
2. Laurenbell Cakes And Cupcakes
3. Laurenbell Halloween Treats
4. Laurenbell Breads
5. Laurenbell Holiday Desserts
6. Laurenbell Holiday Foods
7. Laurenbell Homestyle Foods
8. Laurenbell Foreign Cuisines

Other Information:

Item Cost:
45 Simoleans



-Please enjoy and download my custom recipes – cakes, cupcakes, and other foods/desserts on this site.

Thank you for reading and downloading - happy simming!