Solid Color Jeans and T-Shirt Replacements for CF

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2021 at 6:50 PM
Updated: 13th Aug 2021 at 7:06 PM
I was having a jolly old time raiding the Sims 2 Defaults database when I noticed an outfit that didn't have any default replacements that were to my liking. Ordinarily I would have left it alone and moved on to the next outfit. The trouble was, there are thirteen of this outfit, all in weird color combinations with decals and sandals. I just couldn't let it stand. So I sought to create my own replacements. I took one that had a nice pair of jeans and plain-ified the top, then recolored it. One deciphering of various default-replacing tutorials later, and voila: decent-looking, Maxis-matching outfits for the girls. These outfits replace all colors of cfbodytshirtpants and can be found in Everyday for CF. All textures are Maxis.

Additional Credits:
The following tutorials: (1)(2)(3)
The Sims 2 BodyShop
Paint Shop Pro 7