Bobo Food Stand

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Bobo Food Stand
Here are the few pieces of CC I used to put together the food stand in my Calamity Hills library video. I'm sorry it's taken so long to share. Everything included is optional but the low profile stove and counter are the two pieces you don't want to skip--it looks a lot less janky if the stove burners aren't cutting into the counter top and if the counters match.


The mod you need to make the food stand work is the Shiny Tyme NPC Everywhere Patch by Inge Jones. Inge's mod makes it so the ShinyTyme Cooktop will schedule a cafeteria worker to work on any lot just like they do in dorms. Requires Seasons or later expansion pack.


Cafeteria Stove Counter
This is a commercial counter that uses the club island counter mesh. Combine this counter with the ShinyThyme Cooktop--move objects on is needed--to create one half of your food stand. Use the actual club island counter for the other half. The cafeteria worker will serve food to the island half of your stand (or to as many island counters as you place) and not on your stove.
  • Catalog Sort: Appliances/Misc. | Poly: 1049
  • Basegame Compatible

Super Signguy Retail Counter Sign
Retail sign made for counters.
  • Catalog Sort: Appliances/Misc. | Poly: 142
  • Open For Business Required


ShinyThyme Cooktop
The stove mesh was lightly resized to make it look better combined with the counter but still look ok as a stove in your dorm kitchens.
  • Modifies: stoveCafeteriaIndustrial_tslocator_gmdc
  • University Required

Nutritious Food
This is a default replacement that changes the cafeteria food served. New menu: omelettes, chili con carne and gyros and chirashi from the food stands.
  • Modifies: Sub - Create Food Object - BHAV
  • Apartment Life Required
Note: I did not create new resources for the gyro or chirashi so some steps in getting the food to the counter are missing detail if you look closely (an empty pot, no serving bowl etc.).


An old video playtesting my municipal building. I focus in on the food stand multiple times to see how it's working if you want to skip through a bit to see. I describe some food stand specifics towards the end 36:21.

Shown CC:
Default replacement espresso machine and club counter recolors by Withered Lilies: tumblr
Default replacement worker outfits by Lina: tumblr
Default replacement for the cafeteria worker baseball cap by sunni9676: MTS