TS2 to TS3 Fence Pack

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2021 at 8:10 PM
So, waaaay back when in 2013... 2014, I ported 2 fences from TS2 Mansion & Garden. I found them again in a old file sharing account, along with an incomplete port of an Apartment Life Fence I never shared. Since I'm going through and giving my old content its final home here, with improvements of course, I figured to get cleaning them up.

Fence 1: Near The Flora Half Wall
Price: 150 Simoleans
Catalog Location: Build Mode > Walls > Half Walls
Catalog Description: Looking for the perfect backdrop for all your plants? look no further than this beautiful Half Wall. Made of totally indestructible stone, this wall can hold your favorite plants without taking too much attention away.

I honestly love the look of this Half Wall, it's cute and looks good in any setting. The old version had a horrid texture situation going on (It was grainy and used parts of the original Sims 2 version that didn't translate well into sims 3) and the diagonal was a bit busted. I remade the diagonal mesh, remade the textures and added an extra preset with a bit larger tiling. I note that the first preset matches pretty well to normal walls, the second one could look better with some stone patterns.

Fence 2: Metal Cresting by Made-In Iron
Price: 70 Simoleans
Catalog Location: Build Mode > Fences
Catalog Description: These classy iron accents make a wonderful stylistic addition to any rooftop or garden. And since it's Made-in Iron, you know it's been wrought with passion and care... also iron.

This fence is fancy. I love it in every way, The only thing I didn't love was the texture was really nasty. I cleaned and remade the textures. I also fixed the mapping on the post a bit since it was messy.

Fence 3: Digit Fence
Price: 100 Simoleans
Catalog Location: Build Mode > Fences
Catalog Description: This fence was created utilizing rocket debris from the Nara Space, Inc. junkyard. Between calibrating motherboards and figuring out the space-time continuum, engineers labored over this design, achieving the perfect balance of form and fun

I never actually finished this fence. It was a broken mess, and I could not for the life of me in 2013 figure out how to get the glass to work and be CASTable, so I abandoned it. Fast Forward to 2021, I found a tutorial, figured out how to get it working and finally finished this modern fence moment.

I don't know why, but The Near The Flora Half Wall shows up in game with a broken thumbnail. I did what I could to try to fix it, but nothing has stuck for me. I also noted that it refuses to let you select your preset when choosing the wall. You have to actually place the wall, enter CAST and select the preset. If you know how to fix these issues I'd be glad to listen.

The glass in the Digit Fence looks best with lighter and more saturated colours. I'm unsure if this is a limitation of CASTable glass, but I did the best I could here.

Pocci - CASTable Glass Tutorial

Polygon Counts

Fence 1: Near The Flora Half-Wall
Base: 24 Triangles
Diagonal: 36 Triangles
Post: 22 Triangles

Fence 2: Metal Cresting by Made-In Iron
Base: 355 Triangles
Diagonal: 452 Triangles
Post: 478 Triangles

Fence 3: Digit Fence
Base: 731 Triangles
Diagonal: 972 Triangles
Post: 60 Triangles