Masculine Regency Clothing for Females

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Uploaded 2nd Sep 2021 at 2:20 PM

Still messing around with masculine period clothing for females and I finally found some Regency style meshes that worked. I've been running around everywhere trying to find all the stuff to credit, so let me know if I missed anyone.

I have a top only version of the AF Maxis magician outfit and a top only version of the teen conversion by chalkmetal here. They come in 4 colours. Black jacket brown waistcoat, black jacket gold waistcoat, black jacket silver waistcoat, white jacket black waistcoat. The gold and silver waistcoat versions were obtained from the outfits by hexanticle here. The cravat texture is from Cupcakeyy below. Everyday separates.

Bottom only Regency style trousers for AF and TF with the textures from the TSM conversions by VampireKiss6661 here and the boots from Yuxi's Whitechapel. 4 colours: white, tan, brown and black. Everyday separates.

A female teen conversion of Cupcakeyy's Regency outerwear here, using a conversion of TheNinthWaveSims AF conversion of the Maxis AM trenchcoat here. It comes in the same 8 colours as the AF coats I made here, plus black and grey (I also added the black and grey colours for AF). It's available for outerwear and requires Seasons.

A female teen conversion of Bunhead's top only version of the Maxis ninja outfit here. In the same 5 colours. Everyday separates.

Everything has a fat morph, but no preg morph.



Polygon Counts:

afregencyjacket = 1,668
tfregencyjacket = 1,658
afyuxiregboots = 1,154
tfyuxiregencyboots = 1,154
tftrenchcoat = 2,478
tfninjatop = 1,200