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Hout Huis - Part 3 (Master Bathroom)

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2021 at 10:48 PM
Updated: 6th Sep 2021 at 2:02 AM
Hello everyone.

This is Hout Huis - Part 3

This is a multi part set - (Hout-Huis Master Bathroom)
A Very modern Bathroom set for the sims 4.

The word(s) - Hout-Huis - means Wood House in my native Language (Afrikaans).

If u want to find set room easily in Build-Buy just use the search box and type in - Cicada or Hout Bathroom or 512.
Type in search Hout-Huis for the entire Hout-Huis set.
U can type in 512 as an extra if u cant remember the spelling.

...This set includes...

(Planks) - AKA Wooden Rug
(Side Table) Pentagon Shaped
(Sink Table) - Corner
(Sink Table) - Left
(Sink Table) - Middle
(Sink Table) - Right
(Sink) - Basin
(Slottable Shelf)
(Wall Mirror)
(Stone Floor (2x2) - Marble
(Stone Wall (2x2) - Marble

i Did not include a toilet because there is plenty of modern toilets in the game already. in my mind the toilet belongs in a 2 tile room. Most South-African homes has to toilet in a separate room.

i Really hope u love this Master Bathroom as much as i love it and i hope you enjoy it.

Remember i am Cicada...
Play safe...