SimCity Renaissance Faire - NO CC

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2021 at 11:46 PM
Updated: 15th Sep 2021 at 4:58 AM
Hear ye, hear ye! All Lords and Ladies, all Knights of the Realm, and all the common folk of this land are hereby called to appear and pay homage to their Royal Majesties at the annual SimCity Renaissance Faire!

I've actually had this lot in the works for quite a while, trying to find a way of capturing the fun of a Renaissance faire so that your Sims who don't happen to live in medieval times can still have fun putting on a suit of armor and throwing an axe across a training field, while small children can dress up as dragons or princesses and imagine they're ruling over an entire kingdom of their own!

I tried to give a wide mix of different activities available to your Sims without the need for TOO many NPC employees to show up, but there's still quite a few, by my count 10 NPCs will generate if you leave this as an unowned community lot. I would highly encourage setting this up as an owned lot though, for two main reasons- First, that way you can actually charge admittance to the faire, which anyone who's visited one of these attractions in real life can quickly confirm is an ever-present cost, and second, because while NPCs on an unowned lot will generate in the typical cashier or waiter or barista uniforms, an owned lot will let you assign them to wear suits of armor or a witch's robes or a peasant's tabard, making the medieval flavor of the lot come through so much better when your Sims pay it a visit, and helping them forget their modern-day cares and immerse themselves in the fantasy medieval world that surrounds them!

I've playtested a clone (that clone was also used for the attached images that include Sims- the lot as uploaded has never been visited) and addressed all the problems I could find, so for the most part your Sims should behave themselves reasonably well while on this lot! I think the biggest outstanding issue is taking food or drink a long way from where they bought it before they eat, but even that I've managed to deal with in most cases!

While it is definitely an expensive lot, at $546,336, and a large one, at 5x6 in size, most of it is limited to the first few stories or just open air at ground level, so hopefully it's not TOO hard on your computer's graphics processor! And just like all my other uploads, there's no CC included or required, so you should be able to just launch right into playing with this lot in your game once you've downloaded it! If you do find technical trouble anywhere though, please let me know and I'll do my best to get it corrected!

This annual festival provides an opportunity to hearken back to medieval times without giving up on the conveniences of indoor plumbing! Merchants will have stalls set up in the town square, selling goods of all sorts, from courtly gowns and noble attire to spellbooks and potions to capture the powers that exist in the world beyond the mundane and everyday! A feast hall waits just inside the festival gates, where you can partake of roast boar and rich mulled wine in front of a roaring fire, surrounded by the heraldry of every noble house in service to the Crown, and serenaded by the melodic strains of a lute or pipes played by the most talented bards SimCity has to offer!

Those seeking a wake-up potion will do well to head towards the woods at the rear of the faire grounds, where a helpful fae has set up a wonderful small cafe. No need to fear being charged your firstborn child or any such exchange from the old tales, this shop has a clear exchange of coin for goods, just like any other shop you've visited! Beware any diminutive pixies or sprites appearing out of the woodwork though- they are not employees of the faire, and management cannot guarantee your safety should you enter into any agreement with them! Carrying an iron horseshoe with you may be advisable...

For those seeking more rustic fare, across the town square lies a tavern counter where aspiring rangers and wandering minstrels can spend their hard-earned coin on foodstuffs better suited to a hard day's travel through the wilderness and the far reaches of the kingdom. (Note that while food is welcome in almost all areas of the Faire, ales, wines, and other spirits may not be taken outside the town square area of the festival, due to SimCity health and safety codes)

Aspiring knights can test their skills in the tournament grounds below the Western Watchtower, where the royal army's trainers are on hand to teach skills with the axe in the throwing range, of movement through the obstacle courses, and of balance in the tournament's log pools. Those wishing to watch the competition are welcome to attend, and the grounds include stands specially for viewing the different contests. (Combatants are required to wear appropriate safety attire when participating in tournament activities- armor of any sort is prohibited)

Traveling merchants have set up camp on the western edge of the tournament grounds as well, so any visitors in need of goods from faraway lands should be sure to stop and browse the wares available from the wagon caravan, or those in need of novel forms of entertainment are invited to watch the firedancers travelling with the troupe. These amazing feats and remarkable goods can be found nowhere else in the kingdom today!

Far to the back of the faire grounds, the lands begin to give way to the magic forest, and here stands a proud sorcerer's tower. The sorcerer bids all welcome, but especially those still young (or young at heart) enough to still believe in magic, and high in this tower you may find just the magical item or toy you've hoped for, that will always be able to conjure up the magical adventures of the faire, even long after you have turned your feet for home.

And of course, towering high over the faire and all the lords and ladies, all the peasants and nobles milling about the town square and the tournament grounds below, stands the Great Castle of SimCity. Its high stone towers and battlements stand as a testament to the strength of the Crown, and it is here before the castle gates that traveling minstrel shows and acts are performed, and where at midday each day of the festival, Their Majesties the King and Queen hold court and greet the assembled masses. All subjects are called to attend and make their obeisance known!

This royal proclamation was issued by sovereign decree of the Crown of SimCity. ALL HAIL!!!