TS3_TS2 Late Night EP - Kitchen

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Uploaded: 27th Sep 2021 at 2:14 PM
Updated: 30th Sep 2021 at 8:04 AM
It has been quite a while since the Kitchen's & Bathrooms Stuff Pack - isn't it time for a kitchen makeover for your Sim?
The Modernosity Counter Range is simple, modern and makes the kitchen feel more spacious with its glass panels and doors.

Please note the Modernosity Overhead Cabinet can only be placed on a wall and does not fit around corners like a counter.
The Modernosity Overhead Cabinet (Double-Sided) can be placed anywhere in a room e.g. over a breakfast bar; whilst cabinets can be placed side by side, they do not form a corner cabinet.

Fuzzy Reflections Mirror is a decorative wall mirror in a choice of 3 frame colors.
Industrial Sink is a counter sink available in a choice of 3 colors.
Modernosity Counter is a counter with a glass panel in a choice of 3 base and 3 countertop colors that can be mixed and matched.
Modernosity Counter Island is an island counter with a glass panel to match the Modernosity Counter.
Modernosity Overhead Cabinet is a decorative wall sculpture in a choice of 3 colors to match the Modernoisty Counter/Island Counter.
Modernosity Overhead Cabinet (Double-Sided) is a decorative sculpture that can be viewed from both sides and matches the other Modernosity Counters and Cabinets.
Precious Soap Pump is a decorative sculpture and available in a choice of 3 colors.
Streamlined Stove is a stove that fits perfectly with the Modernosity Counter and has 3 color options.

The Modernoisty Overhead Cabinet requires the Seasons EP.
The Streamlined Stove requires the Freetime EP.
All other 6 items have been created from Sims 2 base game objects.
The Late Night EP - Kitchen zip.file contains all 8 items (with separate folders for each item). I have also attached separate zip.files of each item.

Update 30/09/2021 - Modernosity Counter and Counter Island have been amended (display issues). I have updated pics of the counters plus replaced the zip.files.

Happy Simming!

Fuzzy Reflections Mirror = Polygon 34
Industrial Sink = Polygon 422
Modernosity Counter = Polygon 1613
Modernosity Counter Island = Polygon 776
Modernoisty Overhead Cabinet = Polygon 276
Modernoisty Overhead Cabinet (Double-Sided) = Polygon 372
Precious Soap Pump = Polygon 366
Streamlined Stove = Polygon 464

Additional Thanks
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, Milkshape 3D and EA Games as without these programs creating objects would not be possible.
Numenor for CEP.