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More Negative Moodlets

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2021 at 5:00 PM
The point of this mod was to make the negative moodlets in the game have a stronger effect on Sims’ lives. I have been playing this game well over 10 years now, and within the past year, I’ve felt that it has been too easy to keep my sims in a good mood. I always found it odd that a sim could still be in an overall good mood despite a relative dying, and the house being trashed.

In General

I edited the xml file called ‘buffs’, which has a majority of the moodlets used in the game. Admittedly, it does NOT go over every single moodlet that may appear in the sims 3. I don’t recall editing any store moodlets. I created this in 3 flavors to change the difficulty level of your game. I like to think of this mod as a sort of hard mode. You can only use one flavor at a time The moodlets that are in the 'buffs' xml are laughably low to me, with them usually being anywhere between -10 to -45 on a Sim's mood. There are no moodlets that are -70, and only two that are -80 in the general game. I wanted to edit this, so that the moodlets created by EA have a stronger effect on your sims, your gameplay, and make it a lot more challenging. That said, I did not edit the 'On Fire' moodlet as that is already -200 on your sim's mood anyway. Hopefully, this will make using lifetime rewards more valuable, and choosing certain traits to be more strategic. I did notice that Slob sims were of course barely effected by stinky moodlets.

More Negative Moodlets Easier:

Edits a majority of the negative moodlets (nausea, stressed, heartbroken) to at least be -50 to a sim’s mood. This is a more realistic way of playing in my opinion, and I think that this version is best for regular gameplay.

More Negative Moodlets:

This was actually the first version of the mod that I made, and edits a majority of negative moodlets to -70, to a sim’s overall mood. This is a bit much, and sims will start having a bad time when there’s something as simple as dirty dishes in the room.

More Negative Moodlets Insanity:

In case you really want your sims to have a bad time, a majority of moodlets have been edited to be at least -100 to sim’s overall mood. I feel like this should only be used if you want to purposely hurt your sims lol. Or maybe you want your sims to suffer. I don’t judge. Perhaps this could be useful for a prison play through.

When you first install the mod, any pre existing negative moodlets will still have their old buffs. The new buffs won’t appear until they feel bad again.

For some reason it conflicts with the Instant Vampire Transformation mod by Eca. I can only assume that this mod will conflict with any OTHER MOD EDITS THE BUFFS XML.

This mod was made and tested with Gamefreak130?s ‘Console Karma Powers’ in mind. I thought that it would be a lot cooler to give my sims a bad time when their house became haunted with ghosts, or destroyed by an earthquake lol.

I used a plethora of mods (Nraas, Children can series, and more), and it seems to do fine against 100?s of CC and more (yes, I’m that type of simmer).

And finally, I have every expansion pack and stuff pack (except Katy Perry), so there may be a chance that I edited moodlets which may not be in your game. So I don’t know how this mod will effect your game if you don’t have, say, seasons, but I don’t believe it would really do anything (I can only assume that the game would just carry on as usual, since your game doesn’t have the instances to create those certain moodlets).


Pleasant Sims for the Pleasant View Map, and Pleasantview Sims

Nraas’ mods for picture portrait, and master controller to give brandi broke 12 babies

Helren for Gray UI S3PE Microsoft for Notepad

Darkpool for the tutorial

[Memes] for all the moodlet images

Clipstudio Paint for editing the main top image lol

And the person that created all those Rush album fonts that I downloaded a few years ago and used at least one of them in this picture