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Slide Down Error Fix for Custom Stairs and Ladders

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2021 at 10:04 PM
With this global fix sims won't cause errors and jump bugs trying to slide down the custom stairs and ladders.

Do you need it?
If you have M&G and your kids and teens reset sometimes while trying to use custom stairs or ladders, this mod is for you. If you don't have this problem, pass by
The problem concerns custom stairs that haven't been updated for Mansion & Garden (possibly only the straight ones, non-modular, and non-spiral).

How it works
When a sim is considering sliding down, the game checks if the type of stairs is OK. Most, if not all, custom stairs are not, so this is what I did. I made a list of approved for sliding straight stairs that include all the Maxis ones, except for "Step It Up" Pyramid that has no railings (it was originally excluded, too).

From now on, sims won't try to slide down any straight stairs and ladders, except these.
  • Gothwise Staircase by I. Ron Smith - GUID 0xAC901C39 ("Stairs - Straight - ArtNouveau")
  • Altitude Attitude, Inc. "Step-By-Step" Staircase - GUID 0x6C907C09 ("Stairs - Straight - Club")
  • "Stare Stepper" Staircase - GUID 0xCC9076AA ("Stairs - Straight - Designer")
  • Stairway to Eleven - GUID 0xAC907B14 ("Stairs - Straight - Loft")
  • Upwardly Mobile Staircase - GUID 0xAC90776E ("Stairs - Straight - Quaint")
  • Simple Structure Staircase - GUID 0x8C907A78 ("Stairs - Straight - Value")
  • A Stair to Not Forget by Smart Deco - GUID 0x35DC2D72 ("Stairs - Straight - Deco")
  • A Stair to Remember by Smart Deco - GUID 0xF5E6AE0A ("Stairs - Sweeping - Staircase Deco")
  • Sweeping Success Staircase - GUID 0xF5B864B3 ("Stairs - Sweeping - Quaint Style")
If you come across a custom staircase that have been updated for M&G, please let me know and I'll add it to the list of approved stairs.

Mansion and Garden

This mod may conflict with other mods that override the same resource:
Slide Down - Exclude? | 0x42484156 0x7F0C60C8 0x0000203D

This is just a quick fix. There may be a better way, like, to actually update custom stairs to support the sliding down feature, but I don't care enough to try. They need some additional bones or something.
Interesting fact: some custom spiral stairs and most custom ladders seem to be cloned from straight stairs.

Pictured CC ladders:
Marvine's Ladder with custom animations and it's metal clone with Beosboxboy's mesh and texture
Phaenoh's Climbing Mesh
Rebecah's Indian Style Ladder