Victor_tor's Musculed Top Mesh for Male Nude Top (Part 3) - Singed/Burnt

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2021 at 8:14 PM
Click here for Part 1 of Victor_tor's Musculed Top Mesh...

Click here for Part 2 of Victor_tor's Musculed Top Mesh...

Hello everyone!

This upload is a continuation of the first 'Victor_tor's Musculed Top Mesh for Male Nude Top (Parts 1 and 2)'.

Important point: I was not aware that someone else made their own version of a Muscular top morph, until @Victor_tor himself informed me about his version a while back. So, once again, thank you, Victor!

And off we go:

There are two new versions of this male nude top: a default replacement version, and a non-default replacement version, but now with MOAR muscles and applied to the singed/burnt male nude tops! Available for Male Young Adults and Adults.

Unlike my other uploads, as I mentioned above, this morph is actually based on Victor_tor's original Musculed Top Mesh morph, so please check it out, available at TSR:

His morph is more akin to the bodybuilder morph I uploaded before; bulging biceps, developed pecs and back muscles, etc... Unlike that bodybuilder morph, however, Victor's mesh has a noticeably smoother/curvy morph, especially the rib-cage area.

Another Important Note: Once again, credit goes to Victor for sharing his mesh morph as reference and allowing me to use it. I simply applied the .wso file to the YA/Adult male nude top.

CASTable and BG compatible.

This was done using Workshop, S3OC and S3PE.

Polygon count:

LOD1 (High): 1680 vertices and 929 faces
LOD2 (Medium): 984 vertices and 483 faces
LOD3 (Low): 537 vertices and 214 faces

Tutorial on how to check poly-count in TSRW, for reference:

I have tested it in my game and it seems to work fine for now. However, please feel free to test it out in yours and provide any feedback. Kindly note I'm not an expert in meshing/morphing; still learning...

Victor_tor for his original morph at TSR
TSR for TSRWorkshop
The creators of S3OC and S3PE This tutorial by Lyrale:
This thread by alvalcaste:

And last but not least, enjoy! Share with permission first! And credits too! If I don't reply to you for a long period of time, then feel free to go ahead and share/use/incorporate in your content, but with credits please! Feel free to give me feedback as any feedback is appreciated. <3