Child can repair, tinker and upgrade

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2021 at 4:03 AM
Are your adult sims too busy to fix that broken object? Are you playing a no adult household enabled by the NRASS Master Controller mod? This mod allows a child sim to repair anything, tinker with anything and upgrade anything that an adult sim of the same handiness level can. The mod only adds the capability but it does not change the level of handiness required so, for example, an upgrade that requires a handiness level of at least five for an adult will require that same level of handiness in a child.

While I don't know of any mods that will conflict with this one if you do happen to have a mod that modifies any of the Repair Tinker or Upgrade ITUN settings from the GameplayData package then it will conflict with this one.

Please note: as you will probably notice from the screenshots this is NOT a no stretch contribution. If someone that knows how wants to take this mod and add animations that will prevent the child from stretching while tinkering, repairing or upgrading then be my guest and do so.