Oak Re-colors to mix and match with SnowStorm's Items

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Created by Jem
Uploaded: 31st May 2005 at 8:01 AM
Updated: 31st May 2005 at 10:54 AM
Once I saw the great items SnowStorm made for us I thougth we needed other items to finish off the set. So I have made a few items to match her oak items to start with. I'll list them in groups and taken pictures of the items in groups. There are a few things I haven't done yet. I am having some problems getting the colors to match or even color parts! ROFL! Snow is helping me out with this. Oh it was just pointed out I forgot to tell anyone who doesn't have it yet that to get Snow's Sleigh items you can do a search here for either her or sleigh.

As always Please don't put any of this on a paid site. As I'm giving it to you for free so should you give it away free.

Once Opened install here: C:/MyDocuments/EA Games/The Sims 2/ Downloads

Now for the lists:

Cheap Appliances:

Cheap Refrigerator
Cheap Stove
Cheap Dishwasher

Other Appliances:

Trash Compactor
Mini Refrigerator


Kramft Value Counter
Chez Moi Country Counter

Tables and Chairs:

Card Table and Patio Plastic Chair
Outdoor Mini-Table and Tea Party Chair
Talking Table and Simple Chair
Cafeteria Table Oaktowne East Chair
Manor Table and Bon Appetit Chair


Cheap Bar
Expensive Bar

Televisions and Stereo:

Cheap TV
Expensive TV
Problems with getting the color on it
Expensive Stereo

Hobby Items:

Grand Chess Table
Pool Table


Privacy Window
Breeze Easy Window
High Tech Window
Matte Glass Front Door
Matte Glass Arch

I have a few other items I'll post as soon as I get them finished.