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The Occult Emporium

11,253 Downloads 209 Thanks  Thanks 109 Favourited 31,737 Views
Uploaded: 1st Dec 2021 at 5:37 PM
Updated: 17th Jan 2023 at 8:16 PM
Compatible with Patch (17/01/2023)[/u]

Wasn't a fan of the village shop in The Magic Realm being on a rotation base, so I had to keep coming back to check for items I wanted. Also having a rotation kinda meant that you don't always know if you have seen it all or if there are better items.

So I made an occult shop, which you can find on the phone and PC. However, it will only show up to sims who are of the occult. Humans sims won't see it. The shop sells everything meant for occults, so witch tomes, wands, familiar, plasma packs, kelp, etc. Sadly it doesn't look like aliens have anything so they weren't added.

I am up for any ideas of what could be added that would fit, I'll even consider supporting other mods if the modders are fine with it.


Unzip The Occult Emporium into your mod folder, that's it.


XML-Injector - https://scumbumbomods.com/#/xml-injector/

- Added support for Lot51's Simzlink. If you use the mod you need net before you can use the shop on PC. Phone reminds unchanged. If you do not use this mod then nothing has changed.

Should be none.


Damessa7 - Polish.
CRH - Spanish.
GreenOnionC - Chinese.
braville - French.
Czech - Mikaela_Lovett.

More info
While I will make sure that the important updates are announced here as well regarding to the mod, I do have a Patreon where I post things like WIP, or if any upcoming issues/update on mods are coming soon. Of course once it is released I WILL update here as well.
Everything on my patreon is 100% free and will remain so. Patreon