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LD's Sims3Launcher (EA App/Origin) (1.69)

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2021 at 5:25 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2022 at 10:54 PM
Update 1:
- Added EA Desktop App support for ASI mods.

This is a replacement for the 1.69 (EA App/Origin) version of the Sims3Launcher.exe

It features improvements, QoL changes and fixes that will hopefully make up for the Origin version getting the short end of the stick in some ways.

Expansions & Stuff is now the default panel.

Has support for ASI mods, so you don’t have to launch the game from an external executable, you can do it directly from Origin now and mods like Smooth Patch and Battery's S3SE will still load.

The annoying “an error has occurred in the script on this page” pop-ups are now gone, and clicking on links will actually launch your default browser instead of MS Edge.

The minimize button now minimizes the launcher to the taskbar - a new "Minimize to Tray" button was added that covers its old functionality.

The launcher can be bypassed, so you don't have to go through it everytime while still loading ASI mods.

Expansion & Stuff Pack selection has been improved.

The Downloads, Installed Content and Uploads tabs now have extra filters for Worlds, Uninstalled Content only and a search feature to make it easier to find the content you're looking for.

Bypassing the Launcher

Expansions & Stuff

Downloaded Content & Uploads

Installation & Usage
Extract the launcher into your (Sims 3 Base Game Installation Folder)/Game/Bin, replacing your Sims3Launcher.exe and TS3PatchLauncher.exe files (if you already had them)

Remember to back it up!

If you use Origin, open the "TS3PatchLauncher.cfg" file with any text editor and replace the "PlatformName = EADesktop.exe" line with "PlatformName = Origin.exe"

Don’t open the TS3PatchLauncher.exe manually. The launcher will automatically use it as it’s necessary if ASI Mods are enabled.

  • The “Load ASI Mods” checkbox will only show up if you actually have any .asi mods installed and the TS3PatchLauncher.exe file in your Game/Bin, in order to be less intrusive.
  • Antivirus software might try to delete the TS3PatchLauncher.exe file or the launcher itself as a false positive. If this happens, disable the antivirus while downloading the mod and add an exception to your Game/Bin. Remember to turn it back on!
  • ASI Loading requires administrator permission due to the way it injects code into the game. If you get prompted to launch TS3PatchLauncher.exe as administrator, allow it.
  • Won't work on versions lower than 1.69.

  • The default panel can be changed with regedit/Registry Editor at “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\Sims 3\Launcher\Settings\DefaultPanel”

    0 = Welcome

    1 = Expansions & Stuff

    2 = Downloads

    3 = Installed Content

    4 = Uploads