Bad Gamers Are Bad Gamers!

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 11:47 AM
Updated: 8th Apr 2024 at 5:08 PM
  • 2023-12-07:
    (1) Epi7 had the idea to sometimes give good players the bad outcome and vice versa, and I liked it, so I implemented it into all versions of this mod. The default chance for this scenario to happen is 20%, and you can tune it to your liking.
    (2) My project to update all my mods for the Traits Project has reached its next destination. In a third version of this mod, which is based on the Games Enthusiasm version and thus also requires FreeTime, I have included support for a chunk of traits for a further influence on how good/bad gamer clips and animations are chosen. See the description for details.
  • 2023-10-10: Two small changes to this mod and one new version sprung up~
    (1) Reduced the Energy motive requirement from +30 (still almost green) to -30 (orange-yellow). I likely still thought at the time that the motive scale went from 0 to 100, not -100 to +100 as it actually does. Re-download is not necessary, but recommended.
    (2) This mod is now tunable! For details, see the new Tuning section below.
    (3) As an alternative approach for players without FreeTime, I have created a second version that re-introduces the Logic Skill as the determinant factor for one's gaming skills. This second version is Base Game-compatible; the standard version still requires FreeTime.

This mod fixes an oversight on Maxis' behalf when determining whether a Sim is a good or a bad player of video games, selecting the wrong video game clip and the wrong player animations to be used based on this error. This is the first mod I ever created myself, but it is playtested.

With my return to The Sims 2 in September 2021, I also started to heavily modify my game; and one of the modifications I applied was to add custom TV channels, custom movies, and custom video game footage in much better quality than the game offered.
This mod tackles the subject of video game movies in particular. Anyone that has ever placed custom movies into Broadcast/Games will have noticed that the game always requires you to put at least six clips in: ATTRACT, INTRO, P1WIN, P1LOSE, P2WIN and P2LOSE. While INTRO always plays at the start of a gaming session, and ATTRACT can sometimes play if the Sim takes some time to get ready to play, whether the other four clips play depends on a function in the game's code.
However, in a vanilla game, it's extremely rare that you'd ever see your P1LOSE clip. The reason for that is a mistake made by Maxis. If you'd like to know more about the mechanics, you can check it out in the spoiler below.

With this simple mod in the Downloads folder of your game, your Sim can now be a good gamer if their Games hobby enthusiasm (or Logic Skill for the Basegame version) is at least Level 5, or with the added difficulty of low energy, Level 6. If not, then they will be treated as a bad gamer, and the correct clip will play.

Since 2023-12-07, a good gamer still has a 20% chance (by default) to fail in gaming, and a bad gamer has a 20% chance (by default) to have a good gaming session.

Fun fact: The vanilla video games SSX 3, SimCity 4 and Sims Bustin' Out from the base game also have separate clips for P1LOSE that differ from all others that come along - chances are that you never ever saw them! Now you can! And at the same time, experience just a little bit more realism for your Sims 2 game.

The Traits Version
I need to give this version an extra section because I really put some thought into it. In the Traits Version of this mod, your Sim's Traits will have an additional influence on their gaming skill:
  • Losers and Technophobes will never be good gamers. One can't help it, the other just doesn't try.
  • Geniuses will always be good gamers, but only if they're in a good mood. If their mood is below +30 (by default), they run the usual calculations.
  • Computer Whizzes will always be good gamers when in a good mood, too. But if they woke up on the wrong side of their bed, then there is no more in-between. If a Computer Whiz is also Dramatic, Grumpy, Hot-Headed, Insane or Unstable, they will either they have the time of their life, or the worst losing streak of all time.
  • Ambitious Sims and Perfectionists have an easier time honing their gaming skill, meaning they'll see the good clips earlier (250 instead of 500 Hobby points).
  • Absent-Minded and Clumsy Sims have a harder time to git gud, meaning their Gaming enthusiasm needs to be a lot higher than other Sims in order to see the good clips (750 instead of 500 Hobby points).
  • Lucky Sims will always get the good clip if they're a good gamer (instead of having a 20% chance to fail), and have a highly increased chance to get good gaming clips/animations if they're a bad gamer (default: 50%, as opposed to other Sims' 20%).
  • Unlucky Sims will always get the bad clip if they're a bad gamer (instead of having a 20% chance to turn it around), and have a highly increased chance to get bad gaming clips/animations despite being a good gamer (default: 50%, as opposed to other Sims' 20%).

Expansion Pack: FreeTime (standard/Traits version only).
The Hobby feature was introduced with FreeTime, so the mod will not work without this EP.
The Basegame version is Base Game-compatible because it uses a Sim's Logic Skill instead.
If you have the Super Collection on Mac, please get the Basegame version.
Ultimate Collection users are free to use either version.

The Traits version only also requires Easy Inventory Check in addition to FreeTime.

New since 2023-10-10: You can tune a few things about the mod to your own preference! BCON 0x2000 "Tuning - Skill Issue" contains all tunable variables.
No.LabelDescriptionDefault Value
0x00Double Required Gaming Enthusiasm? / Logic Skill?If set to 1, then the needed Gaming Enthusiasm or Logic Skill doubles, becoming minimum Level 5 (500 points). If set to 0, the minimum is between Level 2 and 3 (250 points). Values: 0 or 10x0001 (1)
0x01Low Energy PenaltyIf a Sim is very tired (Energy motive falls under -30), how much should their "Gaming skill" crash? Values: 0 to 10000x0064 (100)
0x02Chance for Opposite OutcomeChance in % that a Sim who would be a "good gamer" gets the bad clips and animations anyway, and vice versa0x0014 (20)
0x03 (TRAITS ONLY)Minimum Mood to be Always Good if Genius/ComWhizIf a Sim has at least this Mood and one of these Traits, they will always be a good player. If their Mood is lower, the usual calculation is run. Values: -100 to 1000x001E (30)
0x04 (TRAITS ONLY)Higher Chance for Opposite Outcome if Lucky/UnluckyChance in % for a Lucky Sim to get the good outcome despite bad skill, or an Unlucky Sim to get the bad outcome despite good skill0x0032 (50)

Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Player - Good Player?Behaviour Function0x424841560x7F0B2AE70x000020070x00000000

New Resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Tuning - Skill IssueBehaviour Constants0x424841560x7F0B2AE70x000020000x00000000

Conflicts and Notes
Obviously, anything that overrides this particular function. No such mods are known to me, however.

Maxis and EA for creating Sims 2 in the first place
The Creators of SimPE and especially the BHAV and BCON plugins

Have fun and happy Simming!
~ LimeyYoshi