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Accessory T-shirt

3,207 Downloads 56 Thanks  Thanks 13 Favourited 7,020 Views
Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 9:23 PM
15 Swatches: 5 Basic Colors, 3 Fabric Types + Color Slider Support (REQUIRES: COLOR SLIDERS MOD by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii, “thepancake1-ColorSlidersUI.package” file only)

Specular And Shadow Maps, Specular Mask

Accessories Category (GLOVES, SOCKS SLOTS)

Correct Tags, Disallowed For Random

Sort Layer: 10500

A set of basic t-shirts that can be worn with any custom body top or used as undershirt. On the thumbnail: BOD-E II Muscular by luumia

We have a lot of beautiful simmers-made male torsos, but there is a problem - there is nothing to wear with them. And I don’t like switching back to EA body lol. Accessory clothing can help!

Some other creators already created an item like this but personally I like slightly more details on the chest and arms . I also added proper specular mask so custom body shine (with correct sort layer number) won’t be seen on the t-shirt.

How To Use:

1) Pick any CAS item

2) Go to >Accessories, >Socks\Gloves

3) Choose the color you want or create it with sliders. Different swatches have different color blending, which greatly expands the amount of options you can have