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16 days = 1 year Lifespan Mod and more

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 10:18 PM
Updated: 7th Nov 2023 at 5:04 PM
16 days = 1 year Lifespan Mod

Hi! First MTS upload, nice. :D

So I've been questioning my current gameplay with a custom lifespan that counted 1 Sim day as 1 year, with each season being 4 days long. I came to the conclusion I didn't like it anymore; it was too short. I wanted to spend more time with my Simmies, I haven't celebrated Christmas with them even once lol! I've seen other Lifespan Mods such as Nepheris' 4 days = 1 year but it wasn't doing it for me either. I wanted all four seasons to fit in one year, not a year being a whole season; 1-day-seasons wouldn't process properly so that wasn't an option either. I found out about danny_power's Real Life Mod which initially was fascinating, but after a lil' bit of thought I wasn't quite satisfied with it because I've read that pregnancies were glitched and some other issues I didn't bother fixing - and it was super long. I was being way too picky, I know.
After all these complications I started doing the math (which I hate :P) and ended up with something I liked and believe it's the perfect balance! Now you can play with 4-day-seasons and 16 days will count as a year for your Sims!

The aging for each lifestage will be as it follows:

  • Baby: 16 days (1 year)
  • Toddler: 80 days (5 years)
  • Child & Teen: 96 days (6 years) each
  • Adult: 672 days (42 years)
  • Elder: 80-640 days (5-40 years)
Plantsims have the same days for each lifestage, obviously skipping the ones not available. If so desired I can make a different lifespan length for them.

Large Dogs
  • Puppy: 16 days (1 year)
  • Adult: 96-112 days (6-7 years)
  • Elder: 16-48 days (1-3 years)
Small Dogs
  • Puppy: 16 days (1 year)
  • Adult: 160-176 days (10-11 years)
  • Elder: 48-160 days (3-10 years)
  • Kitten: 16 days (1 year)
  • Adult: 176 days (11 years)
  • Elder: 32-160 days (2-10 years)
And... that's not the only thing included in this post! I have also included pregnancy mods for BOTH Pets and Sims, a semester length mod and a skilling mod as well.
  • Skilling is 10 times harder now, because otherwise you'd have most of your Sims mastering all skills by the age of 20. Thanks Delijume for pointing that out!
  • Sim pregnancies last 12 days in total; 96 hours each stage, so they'll give birth after 288 hours have passed.
  • Pet pregnancies last 62 to 72 hours.
  • University lasts 64 days; 8 days/192 hours per semester.*
*I have planned a version where each semester lasts 6 days instead, so your Young Adults can have a couple days free to do whatever they want (either at home or at campus, up to you) before they get back to studying so if you want that, let me know. Keep in mind you'll need a mod to pause college as well, otherwise time will get messed up. Added!

EPs not-really-required:
  • University (for the 8-day-semesters)
  • Pets (for pets aging and pregnancy)
  • Seasons (because without it this mod is kind of pointless)
They're not fused in one package so you can pick which ones you want and such; though I recommend getting all of them if you're actually willing to play with this lifespan. Of course, if you're missing an EP such as University or Pets, you just have to skip those files. Nothing bad happens if you plug them in anyways, but they won't do anything.

Mods required and not included:
  • Shorter Seasons by EvelynnMama: for the 4-day-seasons.
  • Age Correct Edit by Lazy Duchess and simNopke: you need this for the mod to make effect on already existing families.
Some mods/CC I recommend using this lifespan with: Credits:
I think... that's it? I believe I've covered everything, haha. If you have any lifespan ideas or whatever, let me know.