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Spectral Assistant Hacks

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2021 at 1:56 PM
I don't know why, exactly, but after having just summoned a spectral assistant to do some chores around the lot, I often find my sim having the urge to go jogging or hiking or to work or to class or even simply to some closet for some... nonspecific two-person activity and the magical being would just abandon everything and evaporate into nothingness and be gone, leaving the house the very absolute mess it's been. Which is not ideal, to be honest, and so I tried to make some adjustments, which led me to make some more, possibly wildly unrelated adjustments, for better or for worse, and voila.

The point
There are 3 mods that can be used together or separately or in any combination:
- magicalAssistantStay enables the spectral assistant to stay and continue doing housework despite the caster going off lot, which somehow the iN Style v.1.5 and v.2 closets count as.
- magicalAssistantEvilChores enables the evil spectral assistant (the one summoned via Servantus Attackum) to do housework too despite being evil. That is, after beating people up, of course.
- magicalAssistantSpeedRun enables the spectral assistant to run around so things can get done faster. Which is good, because things get done faster, but also not good, because it means there's less time for the household to make more mess for the assistant to attend to before fatefully evaporating

Some technical info:
magicalAssistantStay overrides BHAV Sub - Find Owner Witch Group 0x7FA685F6 Instance 0x00001006
magicalAssistantEvilChores overrides BHAV Sub - Do Housework Group 0x7FA685F6 Instance 0x00001002
magicalAssistantSpeedRun overrides BHAV Sub - Max My Motives Group 0x7FA685F6 Instance 0x00001005

Credits: Maxis and all the people who made this amazing game, SimPE and all the people who made modding the game possible, and all the people who made all the super helpful tutorials.