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RMS Titanic - TS4 - NO CC - Simooligan

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2021 at 6:56 PM
Updated: 5th May 2023 at 10:08 PM

DOWNLOAD NOW: Relive history aboard the legendary ill-fated ocean liner, RMS Titanic. Meticulously and lovingly recreated room by room, this gigantic build will go on in our hearts... and on The Gallery... and ModTheSims. This titanic build features iconic rooms such as the Grand Staircase, First Class Lounge, First Class Smoking Room, Parisienne Cafe, Swimming Pool, Boiler Room and more, including her berth at Southampton! This build is my second Titanic build, following my 2008 Sims 2 Titanic Build! An earlier version of Sims 4 Titanic is available on The EA Gallery. It was originally built and uploaded to The Gallery in April 2021 to commemorate Titanic's 107th anniversary of her sinking. In December 2021, I updated the build with rigging, minor fixes, and additional details, so she can live on, and I can live free of agony. I do plan on recreating scenes from the 1997 James Cameron film using this model. If you use this model, please tag me across social media, as I'd love to see how you explore and use my creation. I hope you enjoy this build, created with my entire heart and soul!

Boat Deck (Top)
- Bridge & Navigation Room
- Officers' Quarters
- Grand Staircase
- Gynmasium
- Deck Houses
- Second Class "stairs"
- Lifeboats

A Deck (Upper-Mid)
- 2 First Class Cabins
- Grand Staircase + Elevators
- First Class Reading & Writing Room
- First Class Lounge
- First Class Smoking Room
- Verandah & Palm Court Cafe
- Promenade

B Deck (Mid)
- 6 First Class Cabins (2 Private Promenades)
- Grand Staircase + Entrances
- Parisienne Cafe
- Second Class Library
- Access to Poop Deck & Forecastle
- Pub & White Star Inquiry Office (Southampton)

C/D Deck (Mid-Lower)
- 2 Second Class Cabins
- Reception Room + Entrances
- First Class Dining Room
- Second Class Dining Room
- Galley
- Third Class General Room
- Access to Southampton Pier

E Deck (Basement)
- 10 Third Class Cabins
- Turkish Baths
- Swimming Pool
- Grand Staircase + Offices + Barber
- Cargo Hold
- Boiler Room
- Engine Room

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): $1,907,470