Strange Bunker Apts - [Update]

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Uploaded 9th Dec 2021 at 8:46 AM · Updated 17th May 2022 at 3:05 AM by SimoleonPrincess

Hello! This is a Survival Individualistic complex and a robust piece of military architecture but with enough charm in pure durable and resistant concrete, If want to separate a couple of Singles who want to make the life so heavy (what's your problem maxis? hahahah hummmh) well by the way can reorganize Loner and give a dignified and decent start to our dear and luckless and meager Nervous, surely in a place that really likes to live (or survive) everyone of them or any strange presence that you have around.

The unit apartments are designed based on my little place in the City so don't be too critical with the reduced space, as this is inspired by the way a servant and friend lives hehe, there is not much gardening outside but I decided to put it inside in the communal sanctuary, after all it is a refuge that is proof of a nuclear winter and probably some kind of alien plasma, since we all like to live in a refuge that makes us comfortable and happy, but above all that makes sure to protect us of the inclemencies outside.


Construction: Private Apartment Complex

Architecture: Military Refuge

Style: Post-industrial, Studio, Modern

Gardening: Inner, no need for irrigation

Garage: For one car

Foundation: Yes, Level habitable is under ground

Luxuries: Gym, Spa, Roof viewer.

Tricks used: moveobjects

Livable housing: 4 apt units for a single or couples for rent: [[ §»1,787 - §»2,480 ]]

[Update] Fixed issues:
-They cannot pay the rent because there were objects surrounding the mailbox checkbook.

-Stuck on ellipticals because modular stair space intermittent

-Stuck in the driveway, this will always happen on lots that have unevenly placed objects and clumsy fools try to cross the driveways to walk less, but more space has been added so that this does not cause congestion with the entrance, so the Lot is now larger, there may be grumbling, if you find this annoying just enable the "aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled false" cheat and remove the driveways (don't forget to disable it again with "true").

No cheat has been used but the "moveobjects" and now the batch is correctly playable.

Tanks a lot to Mootilda for: CleanInstaller, Lotadjuster and Turn ON/OFF lights.