The Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack

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The Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack is created based on the 16 Myers & Briggs' Personality Typing. It is a system of categorizing people according to their tendencies to think and act in particular ways. Personality typing attempts to find the broadest, most important ways in which people are different, and make sense of these differences by sorting people into meaningful groups.

This mod is actually 16 different game files or 16 separate files, so that if you would like to only play with specific traits/personality types, you can easily do so.

The 16 traits are presented in detail on the image gallery, and here's a list; ENFP The Champion, ENTJ The Commander, ENTP The Visionary, ESFJ The Provider, ESFP The Perfomer, ESTJ The Supervisor, ESTP The Dynamo, INFJ The Counselor, INFP The Healer, INTJ The Mastermind, INTP The Architect, ISFJ The Protector, ISFP The Composer, ISTJ The Supervisor, ISTP The Craftsman and ENFJ The Teacher.

The main purpose of the creation of this mod was to do something that would make Sims have a more human like or personality like emotion as an additional one based on their current mood. In a way, so that every time they become inspired - for example, you may also get a sense of what this means for the sim with a certain personality trait.

Thank you Rahl81 for Translating the Mod in Italian!


Social needs modifiers. Social need decays faster for extraverts and much slower for introverts.

Skills gain modifier. Sims with the T letter - the Thinkers gain mental skills faster, while Feelers a little slower. Sims with the letter N - the Intuitives, gain creative skills faster. Also, Introvert sims gain social skills slower and extraverts sims faster.

New Bored buff when Thinkers do not get into the Focused Mood for some time, and it appears to Feelers only when they do get into the Focused mood...the buff lasts 180 sim minutes or 3 sim hours.


The core/stable buff of the trait now lasts for a few hours. Usually it lasts for 4 hours, but it depends on whether you have modified the game's time through other mods or not.

A sim can create an extra buff to a nearby sim only if the other sim has a buff that was created by a meaningful conversation, any other deep connection or sentiment buff with this sim or any other sim. Note that these buffs are now timed, and they last for 60 sim minutes. Furthermore, T-letter Extravert Thinker sims create a confident buff, Extravert Feelers sims create a happy buff and all Introvert sims create an inspiring buff.

Title texts on buffs and buff icons.


Typos or texts that may be missing.

All buffs now appear in spite of any other special trait - custom or not, that your Sims might have.

You may download the Primary Traits and the Supplementary Traits, but you can only use the traits either as Primary (visible in CAS) or as Supplementary. So, if you plan to use the traits as Supplementary, first you must delete the folder of the Primary Traits and add the file named as "All 16 Types as Supplementary Traits".

And the best part is that if you have already used the traits as Primary, they will be shown as Supplementary. So that you won't have to apply to your sims the personality traits again.

Once you download the files, you will also receive a few images on how to add the traits as Supplementary through the EA Cheat Sim Info Pie Menu Options. It's very easy...

I do not own all the texts or inspirational quotes used for the creation of the mod. I searched a lot to find the right ones, to combine them and so on...

Source for traits descriptions; Truity
Sources for quotes; azquotes, goodreadquotes and BrainyQuote
Source for the original templates showcase of the mod; Designed by Freepik

The screenshots on gallery and see some buffs and whims that you see, appear on the first version of the mod.

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