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The Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack 2.5

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2021 at 1:59 PM
Updated: 7th Dec 2022 at 11:23 PM
Mega 16 Personalities Pack 2.6.1 Updated – 7 December 2022

(made a minor change on a moodlet which I overlooked)

The Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack is created based on the 16 Myers & Briggs' Personality Typing. It is a system of categorizing people according to their tendencies to think and act in particular ways. Personality typing attempts to find the broadest, most important ways in which people are different, and make sense of these differences by sorting people into meaningful groups.

The traits are the same as you already know, but I have decided to change the way that sims react to each other. Sims who fundamentally are different, now do not get bored, but fine. Meaning that they are indifferent to what the other sim may believe or say while they have a conversation, and they still enjoy their company.

About the flirty interaction. I have decided that it is quite unfair for 2 sims to feel fine just because their values do not meet the standards of another sim's expectations, so I have changed their fine emotion to a flirty one. Meaning, that now all personalities are in a flirty mood when interacting romantically with each other.

Last but not least; there are no special-gifted sims anymore because of their type. No, you intuitive types, you are not creatively gifted anymore. A sensory type can be as creatively gifted as you. The same goes for the T types, who were supposed to be mentally gifted. I am sorry, but you are not intelligent, simply because you prefer to use your logic to make your decisions. And as for you extraverts, you must fight your way to the early childhood age to become socially gifted. Who said that introverts cannot be as charismatic as extraverts? Busted!

I have also added some icons missing from the pie menu.

That's all and happy gaming!

(If you prefer the old version; keep it. It is still functional)
Once you download the files, you will also receive a few images on how to add the traits as Supplementary through the EA Cheat Sim Info Pie Menu Options. It's very easy...

The 16 traits are presented in detail on the image gallery, and here's a list; ENFP The Champion, ENTJ The Commander, ENTP The Visionary, ESFJ The Provider, ESFP The Perfomer, ESTJ The Supervisor, ESTP The Dynamo, INFJ The Counselor, INFP The Healer, INTJ The Mastermind, INTP The Architect, ISFJ The Protector, ISFP The Composer, ISTJ The Supervisor, ISTP The Craftsman and ENFJ The Teacher.

The main purpose of the creation of this mod was to do something that would make Sims have a more human like or personality like emotion as an additional one based on their current mood. In a way, so that every time they become inspired - for example, you may also get a sense of what this means for the sim with a certain personality trait.

Once you download the files, you will also receive a few images on how to add the traits as Supplementary through the EA Cheat Sim Info Pie Menu Options. It's very easy...

I do not own all the texts or inspirational quotes used for the creation of the mod. I searched a lot to find the right ones, to combine them and so on...

Source for traits descriptions; Truity
Sources for quotes; azquotes, goodreadquotes and BrainyQuote
Source for the original templates showcase of the mod; Designed by Freepik

The screenshots on gallery and see some buffs and whims that you see, appear on the first version of the mod. If you want to keep the old/first version, visit my website.

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