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Sims 3 Speedy : GameSpeed Mod

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2021 at 2:03 PM
Sims 3 Speedy : GameSpeed Mod by Pix3lPirate

I always felt like the speed controls weren't quite fast enough for going through various tasks such as sleeping or working, so I tried other mods such as "CyberBob's GameSpeed Mod" and "The Ultra-Speed Multiplier Mod", however they never seemed to work for me.

I checked the base game code and CyberBob's code and there wasn't much difference between ours, however I couldn't get CyberBob's to work, so I made my own and decided to upload it in-case anyone else experiences the same issue and could get my version to work as well.

kNormalTimeRate value="1"
kDoubleTimeRate value="3"
kTripleTimeRate value="20"
kSkipTimeRate value="20"
kSlowMotionMultiplier value="0.25"

kNormalTimeRate value="1"
kDoubleTimeRate value="5"
kTripleTimeRate value="30"
kSkipTimeRate value="40"
kSlowMotionMultiplier value="0.25"

I haven't altered the default or slow motion speeds.

If you'd like more versions of Speedy, or custom versions I'll be working on an editor so you can build your own easily!