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Ask to Clean and more [UPDATED Apr 28, 2023]

15,752 Downloads 234 Thanks  Thanks 59 Favourited 31,569 Views
Uploaded: 12th Dec 2021 at 9:13 AM
Updated: 2nd Jul 2023 at 2:56 PM
I rarely update my mods on MTS anymore, please check my profile for other channels where you can find latest updates for my mods!

Lastest Updates - Compatible with Patch 1.96.365.
[Apr 28, 2023]
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by CruelSummer.
[Oct 9, 2022]
- Added "Ask to clean / clean up" option for the following items: chicken coops, animal sheds, water garden, messes made by children or toddlers.
- Added French translation by heidi137.
- Added Swedish translation by myusernameisliba.
- Added Czech translation by Mikaela_Lovett.
- Added Russian translation by Origamika.


I was tired of seeing sims throwing trash everywhere, cleaning up for them wasn't what my sim was supposed to do, so I made this mod to let other sims clean up their own trash.

This mod adds new interaction options to the following objects, allowing you to select a sim and ask (force) them to do cleaning work:
  • "Ask to clean up / Ask to throw away" option for spoiled food and drinks, empty and dirty dishes, trash, trash cans, pet poops, hair piles, messes, cooking phase objects like cutting board, mixing bowl, frying pan, and such.
  • "Ask to empty" option for coffee makers, tea makers, kava bowls, and pet bowls.
  • "Ask to mop" option for puddles.
  • "Ask to clean" option for the following objects that can get dirty:
    - Dining table, counter, sink, stove, toilet, bathtub, shower
    - Coffee maker, tea maker, popcorn popper, icecream machine, microwave
    - Bar, espresso bar, barbecue grills, espresso machine, espresso grinder
    - Juice fizzer, cupcake machine, recycler
    - Pet cage, litterbox, animal shed, chicken coop
    - Toddler potty chair, toddler high chair
    - Massage table
    - Hot spring, water garden

Some Notes:
  • I've added options for as many items as I can think of, but since I don't own some of the DLC packs like Bust the Dust and Laundry Day Stuff, some relevant items may not be on the list.
  • In order not to mess up the pie menu, these options will only appear when the object is empty (for dishes), spoiled, or dirty.
  • Children and teens will gain manner and responsibility values when asked to clean up dishes / empty trash / etc. as they do in the original interaction.
  • The sims you can choose from have the same age restrictions as the original cleaning interactions, so for many items, you can only ask teens and up to clean.
  • Lazy and slob sims can also be asked to clean, but it will result in friendship loss and there are chances that they will refuse.
  • Due to the restrictions of the original interactions, sims in certain specific emotions will not clean certain items, for example, sims in bored mood will refuse to clean the sink.

  • Only basegame is needed.
  • Scumbumbo's XML Injector is required for this mod to work. >You can download the latest version here< 
    Click "-DOWNLOAD-" to download XMLInjector's .zip file >> unzip the .zip file >> put the .ts4script file directly into your Mods folder >> then download this mod and put the .package files into your Mods folder.

  • This mod does not override any in-game resources, so it should not conflict with other mods as far as I know.
Russian (by Origamika)
Czech (by Mikaela_Lovett)
Swedish (by myusernameisliba)
French (by heidi137)
Brazilian Portuguese (by CruelSummer)

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
XML Injector