Dragonglow, a cove with legends of dragons

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2021 at 12:46 PM
Among the ancient hills there is an urban village where the locals tell the stories of an ancient dragon that sailed the skies chasing the villagers until a noble hunter named Bartholomew IV clothed him with his bronze javelin while the fierce beast slept at the top of the summit and turned it into a barbecue for hamburgers, from there the locals eat delicious roast on burgers celebrating their heroic fact every "Tuesday of Victoria" Amen...

► Map type: Cove with some loadable beaches
► Landscaping: Bayview into hills and inlet lagoon with a bridge
► City Mapping: Center and coastal
► Playability: Visible area with default camera.
► Map geography: 65% Earthy / 45% Water.
► Ground level: Sea level Flat.
► Neighborhood size: Medium
► Habitable zonning: Flattened majority.
► Town growth: Uptown, midtown or downland.
► Roads extension: Mixed ways
► Terrain covered by roads: 25%.
► Functionality: All kind of hood or subhood type. Especially for suburb, or far land for vacation on every terraintype.

I didn't need a village too big for my game but if you want to add more roads or want a change set me this task, feel free of it and so enjoy!