Join a Country Club (Small Gameplay Mod)

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Uploaded 19th Dec 2021 at 2:38 PM · Updated 12th Jan 2022 at 9:50 PM by maplebell

Welcome to my Country Club Mod!

This mod is still very much in development, but I do find it easier to release changes as time goes.

Why I created this mod?

I love playing stories with rich sims, but sometimes they don't feel exclusive enough and snobby, so I thought of a country club mod that would add something new to my wealthy, "old money sims gameplay."

What does this country club mod do?

It adds a gameplay element where you can apply to a country club called Rock Ridge Club and join it! You will go through the application process which is pretty straight forward.

Personally I prefer small mods that focus on something rather than big mods that can get repetitive and annoying so I will be working on small sections of the game but in more detailed ways where it won't be autonomous and frustrating.

The sim will be paying a lot to be able to access this club, but hey, you'll be joining a very exclusive club. You may notice that there is a direct application option if you have a $300,000 simoleon household fund value...unfortunately I was not able to get that to work... yet. I did not remove it because I still really want to add it.

So you will apply and then you can study the club history and gain a buff from it. Then you will be able to go to the admissions interview. You will upload your profile on the forums for any interested RRCC member to contact you.

Anyways, then you will submit your application and wait about two days. You hang out at your club through the computer, my clicking on Country Club Activities.

There is a Country Club lot trait that you can assign to a lot. Basically what the lot trait is meant to do is only allow members of the club to enter. I am the worst builder ever, but you can definitely make your own luxury club and add the lot trait if doing rabbit hole isn't your thing.

There is also a new Country Club Management Career that you can join. This is a four level career consisting of

Assistant Manager
Vice President

If you are not a country club member once you reach VP and higher you will automatically become a Country Club Member. The salaries at the Rock Ridge Club are high, because you are working for the most exclusive country club with the most important people.

Things to keep in mind.

If you want to auto assign the country club membership you can with shift-click and cheat sim info. You can also remove the country club that way.

You may see that the country club activities interaction is available for everyone even non members, but options will be blank unless you are a member.

If you try to launch your game and the game refuses to launch because of the file being corrupted. Clear the local thumb cache and remove the file contents and place them directly into your download folder. That might fix the problem.

My mod should normally not conflict with anything, but report anything unusual please.

Fully BG Compatible.

Upcoming Plans.

1. Add Scheduled Rabbit Hole Events for Club Members

2. Incorporate Club Merchandise

3. New social interactions pertaining to the country club

4. Part-time jobs at the club

5. More full time jobs available

6. Add more country club rabbit hole interactions (buffs, chance cards etc)

That is all for now. There are more things but I don't want to get way in over my head, because I am working on another mod for the teen life stage that I am really exited about.

I am open to feedback and suggestion so please send some my way!

*Updates might take more time because I am working on another mod, but expect a new update by, January

Thanks to a lot of resources that helped me even learn how to mod:

Zerbu's Mod Constructor
TS4 Studio
All of the creators who post such helpful tips on MTS and TS4S!

Type: Additional Functionality

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