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Sims 4 Mod/CC Manager 2021 by GameTimeDev [BETA] V1.1.0

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2021 at 12:07 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2023 at 8:18 AM

The versions b1.0.0 - b1.0.9 are based on Java/JavaFX and are no longer maintained. Instead, I have been working on a completely new version based on Electron (a framework) for the last few months. This version doesn't have all the features of the older versions yet, but the performance and stability is better. At the moment this version will only be available on my own website.

This program is designed to help you bring order to your Sims 4 mod folder.

Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/VbtKC5T2Aw
On this server I will answer questions and try to help with problems.

If you experience the "Loading missing packages into cache." loop bug, please watch this video -> youtube video

Update: ONLY A FIX [Beta] 1.0.9 (22 Oct)
  • Fixed Start Button bug
  • Added toggle for file relations

Update: [Beta] 1.0.8 (9 Aug)
  • Added Categories
  • Pages
  • Poses/Pose Packs
  • Rework Edit View
  • Save Mod List as CSV file
  • UI Changes
  • Startup settings
  • Supporter Features
  • More settings options
More details on my website -> Changelog

Sort your mods easier. But how?
Basically, you can see this tool as a file explorer with additional features, for Sims 4 files. Like any other file explorer, you can select, delete or move files. However, with this program you can also disable/enable mods/CC (individually, multiple files or entire folders), view their thumbnails and use special filters.
With these filters you can first distinguish between: Create a Sim Item, Catalog/Build Mode Item or Other. In the case of Create a Sim Items, you can even differentiate more precisely into areas such as makeup, hair, shoes, etc., just like in the actual game.

  • A new way to display your mod folder
  • Displays Thumnails form CC
  • General filters for CC types
  • Advanced filters for CAS CC
  • Enable/Disable Mods and CC
  • Easy way to sort Mods and CC
  • Delete duplicate files

Future plans
  • Find broken
  • List CC from Household
  • Filter for catalog items
  • Make code more efficient
  • Reduce file size

Feedback & Questions
The program is still very new and has not been tested by many users. Therefore I would be very grateful for feedback, bug reports and ideas to improve the application.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
-> [email protected]

How to use:
Short video showing the features

-Included in the program-
Italian translation created by Rahl81
Spanish translation created by Momo from simlish4.com, Noel from vanitysims.com, ChofisAquino
Japanese translation created by Maru
Simplified Chinese translation created by XXXS
German translation created by Skippa
Russian translation created by TheAlinceSims, Aliskakuliska
Korean translation created by YAKFARM
French translation created by BRAVILLE
Portuguese translation created by Kyo
Polnish translation created by Astercholik
Czech translation created by NykCZ