TRON Sam Flynn's Container House

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2022 at 6:01 AM
Updated: 13th Jan 2022 at 9:51 AM
About this lot
A 2 story container house featuring 1 bed, 1 bath, built on a 20x30 lot.

This is a close replica of the container house film set from the film TRON: Legacy (2010). There are not too many images of the set, and I couldn't find any for the second floor (maybe it was not even furnished because it was a temporary film set), therefore those areas are built according to what I see fit.

First floor comprises of living, kitchen and bathroom. Meanwhile, second floor is an open space with a bed and lounge/work area.

See the images for more details.

Furnished: 82,915
Unfurnished: 52,534
Lot Size: 20x30

In short: It is not a practical house to live in.

Just found out garage doors do not auto open during test play. If all four garage doors are closed, Sims can't get in/out the house. You need to click on the garage door to open every time your Sims enter or exit the house.

It is also not very puppy-friendly with all the platforms and 1 step stairs.

Probably dangerous too! My test play had two fire incidents in a row by the fireplace. Burned down the living room and the firemen didn't even bother to come back the second time.

Fun facts
This lot fits in Bridgeport perfectly! According to this wiki’s trivia, the geography of Bridgeport shares some similarity to Vancouver, BC, Canada. The movie was also filmed in Vancouver, including this house set. The house set is now demolished but you can search it on the map with the coordinates 49°17'54.8"N 123°01'29.6"W (Aja Tan Studios).

More info on the architecture
If you are interested in the original architecture, you can look up Adam Kalkin’s Quik House. This is an existing container house that probably inspired the design of this film set.

Inside the file zip file includes this lot’s .sims3pack and a .txt for custom content credits and links.