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Functional Edit of Nyx/NeilSimming's Death Angels

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2022 at 10:24 PM
Updated: 24th Jun 2022 at 10:09 PM
there's an addon now meant to be temporarily used to fulfill aspirations that require you to be on an emotional state not otherwise obtainable by Death Angels. The addon will override the Death Angels buff mood to only be +1 Emptiness and is thus not really meant to always be on, but you do you.


Update log:

Note: Since I made no edit to those, I have not included the build-buy and CAS items this mod also carried. If you want those, you'll have to get them from Nyx's original above. The included parts are essential to gameplay.

So. Death Angels is yet another mod by Nyx that had ceased to work. Unlike in the case of Enhanced Aliens, I had a hard time tracking down an original description of it so I've had to make one along the way. Note that since several parts of the original code were broken, I had to edit a lot of things, and as much as I have play-tested it and tried to get others to check it as well, if you find any LEs I might have somehow missed by all accounts let me know so I can look into it.

This edit of the mod is functional, aside from my perpetual beef with cas_part components. So without further ado, I'll describe the things you need to know about Nyx's Death Angels, divided by section.

(I also included copious amounts of screenshots of gameplay above so you can see these things in-game)

Death Angels pseudo-lifestate:
  • The immortal "occult" this mod creates, a type of assistant to the Grim Reaper, so to speak.
  • They must complete a special quest to become Death Angels (more on that later), and other Occults can't become Death Angels
  • Death Angels have a +7000000 Emptiness moodlet at all times, and greyed out eyes*. The only way for them to feel emotions would be to consume a bottled soul after reaching Level 5 of the reaping skill.
  • They have various methods to reap souls, unlocked as they level up their reaping skill
  • Their new Life Essence motive has fatal motive failure, meaning that if they fail to continuously replenish their own Life Essence by reaping other Sims, they'll be reaped themselves
  • They can unlock different reaping sets with different perks as well as they level up
  • They can teleport with effects based on their chosen reaping set
  • If you wish to stop being a Death Angel, you'll have to (somehow) get the Grim Reaper to be in your lot, at which point your Sim can request to be released from the pact and become a regular human again.

* Note that this cas_part and I have beef, it seems to only work when it feels like it, though funnily enough when outright reaping it seemed to behave just fine.

Quest to become a Death Angel:
  • Your Sim will need to purchase a special item called the Astral Altar of Death, at the cost of 4,320 Simoleons.
  • Once you take the ancient manuscript from the altar, the quest will begin
  • You'll need to follow the in-game notifications to decipher the manuscript yourself, which will eventually enable your Sim to form a Pact with the Grim Reaper
  • When you perform the ritual, your Sim will be sent into the void (for once, I'm not joking about yeeting into the void, the interaction is literally called InTheVoid on the mod)
  • When they dramatically emerge, they will be a Death Angel.

Reaping Sets (can be purchased by clicking on your Sim, Death Angel -> Shadow Realm's Shop)
  • Standard Reaping Set: Just a regular scythe and tablet with no bonuses.
  • Gaming Reaping Set: More life essence is restored when using this set to reap.
  • Romantic Reaping Set: Eligible Sims around you will gain romance with you when you perform a reaping**.
  • Divine Reaping Set: Sims will have a positive reaction to you reaping Sims when you use this set.
  • Mythical Underwater Reaping Set: Makes your Sim look like a mermaid for like 2 seconds and unlocks the drowning death.

**There was a bug with things that should not under any circumstances have a romance bar getting affected by this, but I think I fixed that well enough so that it shouldn't happen again.

Reaping Sims:
  • Random Bottled Souls go directly to your inventory whenever you steal a Sim's life essence.
  • At first, your Sim will only be able to steal life essences off Sims***, and try to convince elder Sims that their time has come.
  • At level 2 of the reaping skill, they'll be able to kill Sims by anger and hunger in addition to the original methods.
  • Level 3 unlocks death by Embarassment.
  • At Level 4, you'll be able to temporarily freeze your Life Essence need, and unlock deaths by hysteria and lightning.
  • Finally, at level 5 you can summon flames to kill Sims.

***Note that you can't kill pregnant Sims, but can still harvest life essence from them. They will hate you for it, but you could technically keep yourself alive by attacking them, lol. I considered patching that but it was kinda funny.

  • English
  • Spanish (assuming I managed to catch all the stray string tables in this thing)
  • Portuguese (externals, by Ayrthwil here or by SrAzten here)
  • Polish (by Krzydek)
  • Italian (by MichelaCorleone)

Note to future translators: May the Grim Reaper have mercy on your soul because man, does this thing have a lot of weirdly structured or even duplicate strings.

I also found out after having already posted for testers all the way back in December, that Rynamir of itch.io also made their own version of this. Honestly considered not going through with finishing this at all, but since I'd already gotten testers in the forums here, I felt I needed to finish this. Just know that if there's anything you don't like about my fix, there's that one you could also try.

Future plans:
Joint fix of the Werewolf Mod by myself and GOODBOY_goneBAD is mostly done, once again I just need to give it a final test-run and document it with screenshots as I did here. Then I'll get to work on my next original mod that I started as a joke (that seems to be a running theme for me at this point).