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Frankenfix of Nyx's Werewolves

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2022 at 7:13 AM
Updated: 7th Feb 2022 at 4:28 AM
Inheritability of Werewolf state bundled into Werewolf Bloodlines because I was too paranoid of adding it to both and risking conflicts if people downloaded a wrong version.


Note that I couldn't find anything that directly states you need the Vampires GP for this to work, but this uses a lot of effects from that pack, so I'm not sure what sort of issues (visual or otherwise) you may experience on BaseGame. You also don't technically need XML Injector, but I added a pseudo-failsafe in the case of interactions not showing up on target sims, so if you have that issue, try having XML Injector.

Credit to GOOD_BOYgoneBAD for fixing some tuning and also translating things.

Update log:

Well, this one was quite the doozy. I wanted to fix this one next, after Death Angels, but I was so frustrated by not being able to get some parts to stop throwing LEs that I had almost given up after fixing the initial quest. Then GOOD_BOYgoneBAD went and actually fixed more of the tuning, enough that I could just go in and finish making the interactions and transformations work. It honestly wouldn't have been possible for me to ever finish this fix without GOOD_BOYgoneBAD being a part of it so thanks to them for saving my sanity back there.

It works, but, well, I still call it a frankenfix, because at times I was so frustrated at components not working that I just remade them entirely as new packages with injections and replaced the loots. Besides, I've heard around the rumor mill that a decent creator is apparently making their own werewolf thing, and honestly whatever they make will no doubt be far superior to any fixes we could make here. So basically, we're just maintaining this for the sake of those who liked Nyx's original mod, but won't be adding anything to it beyond that.

And of course, if you encounter any issues, don't be afraid to let me know so I can look into them.

As other Nyx mods (like Death Angels), this mod requires you to complete a quest to unlock the "occult" functionality. So without further ado, here are the specifics of how each part of this mod will work.

(Yet again, I include copious amounts of screenshots above so you can view the gameplay firsthand)

Quest to become a Werewolf:
  • Buy the "Special Treasure Map", which will cost 2,415 Simoleons to be able to start the quest
  • At night, inspect the map, which will trigger the one-step instructions notification
  • Your Sim will know the instructions for 5 hours (via Focused moodlet), and while it is active, you can click on your Sim to go explore the deep dark woods!*
  • Yeah, spoiler, your Sim will inevitably get bitten by a wolf in the woods, and will begin their transition into a Werewolf

*This is a rabbit hole, so if your Sim doesn't go there immediately, try putting them on the sidewalk and sending them then, since for some reason Sims are dumb and cancel the interaction if there is literally anything between them and the rabbit hole.

Transformation process:
  • Your Sim will return from the woods bitten, with visible injuries and a +10 uncomfortable "Recent Bite" moodlet
  • This will become +20 uncomfortable as it becomes the "So Much Pain!" moodlet, then become +30 Dazed with "Temporary Amnesia", culminating in +1 Embarrassed with "Ferocious Behavior"
  • From this point onwards, they will become a Werewolf, and transform involuntary at night or when their Wildness or Hunger needs drop too low

Werewolf pseudo-lifestate:
  • The "occult" created by this mod, with a wolf-ish form**
  • Other Sims will react to Werewolf transformations and some actions.
  • Most Werewolf abilities are only available while in Werewolf form, including the regeneration of the Wildness need
  • They can growl at Vampires and other Werewolves
  • They tend to spend energy faster than regular Sims
  • New abilities can be unlocked by leveling up the Lycanthropy skill

**Only the wolf version of the original mod was fixed, as it was easier to notice cas_part changes in this, as well as generally easier to manage, so sorry to those who liked the one where werewolves still looked human-ish. If someone can isolate the cas_part codes, I could try and make the necessary edits to our version to make a version with human-ish werewolves, but my beef with cas_part components runs too deep for me to ever stand a chance at finding where they even are on my own.

Unlockable abilities (a lot of these require open space to function, so if you're on a tight space or in a group conversation, they might cancel)
  • All Werewolves can go hunting while on their Werewolf form to obtain raw meat that will help replenish their hunger, but after Level 2 Lycanthropy there is a chance they might also find collectibles.
  • At level 2, they can maul other Sims
  • At level 3, the option to howl to call a Werewolf Pack will become available***. You can also spar with them
  • Their "Wildness" need will become visible at Level 4, and the Werewolf will no longer turn involuntarily at night, unless they are starving or their Wildness meter empties out.
  • And finally, after level 5, they will be able to bite other Sims to curse them with Lycanthropy, as well as order a cure for Lycanthropy.

***If you have mods that limit/control the spawning of NPCs, there is a chance they might interfere with this.

  • English
  • Spanish (mostly by GOOD_BOYgoneBAD this time)
  • Polish (by Krzydek)

Note to future translators: May the ghosts of Sims 3 Werewolves have mercy on your soul because man, does this thing have a lot of weirdly structured or even duplicate strings. The Treasure Map package in particular has so many strings at one point that I nope'd right out of there.

And of course, credit to GOOD_BOYgoneBAD for saving me when I was having an existential crisis thanks to this mod. Really wouldn't have been possible for me to finish this otherwise.
Also thanks to Mod Constructor v4 and S4S for existing, and helping me sort through what functional components should look like.